The Banned anti-singapore fireworks facebook post

Here is the post:

‘There was an 8-minute firework showcase at marina bay last night, and the display is large and extremely expensive, but it is blisteringly dull. Malaysia spent much less on fireworks than singapore, yet their display was so much more creative and fun to watch. This is once again stunningly indicative of how horrid our arts scene is (the organisers were most definitely government dogs), you talentlessly launch one explosive after another with absolutely no sensitivity to to presentation of style, and just make it bigger and longer so you can fool the stupid general population into thinking it was awesome; it’s the transformers of fireworks.

But no matter, fireworks as a form of entertainment is just generally horrible, you frighten birds and homeless animals (Fuck them! Why should we care about creatures who are lower than us. As lee kuan yew said, fuck equality), and to quote Amos Yee (yours truly) ‘What can be more filled with depth, and remind us about the great legacy that singapore has, than seeing our tax dollars BURN in the air!’ I mean…. enjoying the display of fireworks. And of course you have sph fucks like TheStraitsTimes and ChannelNewsAsia boast about it as if it’s something to be proud of, then again this problem isn’t just exclusive to our country (Fuck everyone of you).

And the assholes, quote unquote ‘cool kids’ who were self-indulgently ‘enjoying’ the display are either oblivious or fucking delusional (just like christians; HAHA! SUDDEN RELIGIOUS STAB)(And seriously, how are you able to stand the boredom of marina bay sands and hearing music that drops the bass 48 times, without fucking killing yourself? You must have honed that skill in school), here you are causing noise pollution, preventing thousands or animals and people from sleeping, and then when truly empathetic people like me knows about the troubles you’re causing to them for your ‘enjoyment’ and points out the issue, you ignore it, and then claim that person is not empathetic because they criticised and hurt you wee-little feelings.

And this essentially sums up the general personality of singaporeans (well… at least 70% of them), living misinformed lives, enjoying themselves based on other people’s expense, and then completely denying responsibility and blaming others for the flaws that they have. Why do we not have a distinctly cultural identity of our own? Because our culture, the celebrations, the leaders, fucking suck; which the government of course doesn’t want to reveal.

singaporeans fucking suck, but what do you expect when their role model is the group of communist dictators that is the singapore government. Thanks pap; fuck you (pap-bashing continues :D)’

Previously for the anti-islam Facebook post (

I was banned for 24 hours, this time I was banned for 3 days.

Now of course the crux of the post – the vehement political bashing, was definitely not the reason the post was removed (because if you’ve seen my output, if that were the case my account would have been banned months ago); it has to be about religion, so I was definitely banned for 3 days because of the one sentence, ‘And the assholes, quote unquote ‘cool kids’ who were self-indulgently ‘enjoying’ the display are either oblivious or fucking delusional (just like christians; HAHA! SUDDEN RELIGIOUS STAB)’ (I’m really a fan of sudden quick analogical digressions to stab religion).

So now I think I finally get these ‘community guidelines’. If it’s a simple ad hominem attack like, ‘STUPID MUSLIM CUNT XD’, that’s alright. But if it’s a comment that stings religious nuts by revealing a truth about them; that’s transgression; even if it’s just one sentence. I think it’s exactly the same criteria of how singapore charges someone for ‘intending to wound religious feelings, when they wanted to arrest me for the remark in the calvin cheng blog post (, ‘Fuck Islam and Allah doesn’t exist’.

Not only was I unable to post any public posts on my timeline for 3 days, I also couldn’t post public comments on posts too (which is still ridiculous but can be better argued, I shouldn’t be able to post anything public because I am a hate speech dangerous fuck), but what really ticked my nipples, was when I realised that they also prevented me from PRIVATELY messaging people. I could see the fucking messages sent to me but could not reply to them (Someone sent me a PM and I had to fucking reply to them with SMS. For communicating with the few people that do not have whatsapp and since I do not have an unlimited SMS function on my fucking phone, it is really fucking annoying). Especially for someone who uses Facebook messenger as the primary way to message someone and especially for someone who has several contacts on Facebook and no where else, this is horrible for me, With the previous bans I had I think the same thing happened, just that I don’t think I private messaged or commented on posts on Facebook in that time to have noticed. This has absolutely nothing to do with my offence, has absolutely no reason to act as a punishment; it is fucking wretched.

I am in an extremely precipitous position, now I’ve violated Facebook community guidelines about 4 times and since this time I’ve been banned for a lengthy 3 days, this would probably be my last chance before my account becomes permanently taken down, just like what happened to Alvin Tan. And there’s a very high chance that with my frequent use of facebook, even though I think I’m pretty familiar with how not to violate the community guidelines (apparently hate speech posts are wrong but linking to hate speech posts are alright), sooner or later by accident (I do not have a proofreader), I’ll violate the community guidelines again, and my account will be deleted.

Alot of my written posts I did not initially save on microsoft word or google docs but fortunately Facebook has a very easy way to have an archive backup (; perhaps because facebook was self-aware several accounts would be banned under their disgisting dogma.

Afterwards what happens? I’ll set up a new account (Not being on Facebook will lose a way too significant portion of people to see my incredible content, so I fucking hate it, but I gotta work with them). So be prepared to like that new one munchkins once the account is removed, and with more chances to violate community guidelines, hopefully the 2nd one doesn’t get deleted. And like with every newly made account, probably less than a-tenth of my initial followers will like my new page once it first starts up, meaning thousands of people will less likely stumble upon my amazing content; it’s extremely depressing and I’ll be sad for about 2 hours but that’s what happens when the biggest social networking site is run by a group of corporate cunts who wants to suck up to powerful conservative assholes so they can gain more sponsors and develop more relationships with companies to earn more money. When the primary function of social networking sites is the proliferation of ideas, this type of censorship fucking deplorable. Hopefully the news of the deletion of my account will attract enough shares and news coverage, making gaining back my followers,  attracting new ones and raising awareness to this wretched censorship of facebook greater; for popular public figures you can always bank on the streisand effect.

I will continue creating awesome content; just that people like Mark Zuckerberg will prevent these posts from being more popular than they can be, leading to humanity to remain stupid for a longer time. I think in my long list of victims (PAP, feminists, religious people, homophobes, non-vegans, conservatives, copyright advocates etcetera etcetera etcetera) Facebook is now one of them, and everyone knows that when you have incurred the wrath of Amos Yee; you will be fucked. Mark Zuckerberg, your American ass is grass.



*Update: Alvin Tan told me on Twitter that I actually have more chances left before Facebook permanently deletes my account; there will be a subsequent 7-day ban, then a final 30-day ban; so hopefully I play my cards right and don’t violate the guidelines another 2 times XD Hate speech still continues on wordpress and other sites though 😀


The Banned anti-singapore fireworks facebook post