The Banned anti-singapore fireworks facebook post

Here is the post:

‘There was an 8-minute firework showcase at marina bay last night, and the display is large and extremely expensive, but it is blisteringly dull. Malaysia spent much less on fireworks than singapore, yet their display was so much more creative and fun to watch. This is once again stunningly indicative of how horrid our arts scene is (the organisers were most definitely government dogs), you talentlessly launch one explosive after another with absolutely no sensitivity to to presentation of style, and just make it bigger and longer so you can fool the stupid general population into thinking it was awesome; it’s the transformers of fireworks.

But no matter, fireworks as a form of entertainment is just generally horrible, you frighten birds and homeless animals (Fuck them! Why should we care about creatures who are lower than us. As lee kuan yew said, fuck equality), and to quote Amos Yee (yours truly) ‘What can be more filled with depth, and remind us about the great legacy that singapore has, than seeing our tax dollars BURN in the air!’ I mean…. enjoying the display of fireworks. And of course you have sph fucks like TheStraitsTimes and ChannelNewsAsia boast about it as if it’s something to be proud of, then again this problem isn’t just exclusive to our country (Fuck everyone of you).

And the assholes, quote unquote ‘cool kids’ who were self-indulgently ‘enjoying’ the display are either oblivious or fucking delusional (just like christians; HAHA! SUDDEN RELIGIOUS STAB)(And seriously, how are you able to stand the boredom of marina bay sands and hearing music that drops the bass 48 times, without fucking killing yourself? You must have honed that skill in school), here you are causing noise pollution, preventing thousands or animals and people from sleeping, and then when truly empathetic people like me knows about the troubles you’re causing to them for your ‘enjoyment’ and points out the issue, you ignore it, and then claim that person is not empathetic because they criticised and hurt you wee-little feelings.

And this essentially sums up the general personality of singaporeans (well… at least 70% of them), living misinformed lives, enjoying themselves based on other people’s expense, and then completely denying responsibility and blaming others for the flaws that they have. Why do we not have a distinctly cultural identity of our own? Because our culture, the celebrations, the leaders, fucking suck; which the government of course doesn’t want to reveal.

singaporeans fucking suck, but what do you expect when their role model is the group of communist dictators that is the singapore government. Thanks pap; fuck you (pap-bashing continues :D)’

Previously for the anti-islam Facebook post (

I was banned for 24 hours, this time I was banned for 3 days.

Now of course the crux of the post – the vehement political bashing, was definitely not the reason the post was removed (because if you’ve seen my output, if that were the case my account would have been banned months ago); it has to be about religion, so I was definitely banned for 3 days because of the one sentence, ‘And the assholes, quote unquote ‘cool kids’ who were self-indulgently ‘enjoying’ the display are either oblivious or fucking delusional (just like christians; HAHA! SUDDEN RELIGIOUS STAB)’ (I’m really a fan of sudden quick analogical digressions to stab religion).

So now I think I finally get these ‘community guidelines’. If it’s a simple ad hominem attack like, ‘STUPID MUSLIM CUNT XD’, that’s alright. But if it’s a comment that stings religious nuts by revealing a truth about them; that’s transgression; even if it’s just one sentence. I think it’s exactly the same criteria of how singapore charges someone for ‘intending to wound religious feelings, when they wanted to arrest me for the remark in the calvin cheng blog post (, ‘Fuck Islam and Allah doesn’t exist’.

Not only was I unable to post any public posts on my timeline for 3 days, I also couldn’t post public comments on posts too (which is still ridiculous but can be better argued, I shouldn’t be able to post anything public because I am a hate speech dangerous fuck), but what really ticked my nipples, was when I realised that they also prevented me from PRIVATELY messaging people. I could see the fucking messages sent to me but could not reply to them (Someone sent me a PM and I had to fucking reply to them with SMS. For communicating with the few people that do not have whatsapp and since I do not have an unlimited SMS function on my fucking phone, it is really fucking annoying). Especially for someone who uses Facebook messenger as the primary way to message someone and especially for someone who has several contacts on Facebook and no where else, this is horrible for me, With the previous bans I had I think the same thing happened, just that I don’t think I private messaged or commented on posts on Facebook in that time to have noticed. This has absolutely nothing to do with my offence, has absolutely no reason to act as a punishment; it is fucking wretched.

I am in an extremely precipitous position, now I’ve violated Facebook community guidelines about 4 times and since this time I’ve been banned for a lengthy 3 days, this would probably be my last chance before my account becomes permanently taken down, just like what happened to Alvin Tan. And there’s a very high chance that with my frequent use of facebook, even though I think I’m pretty familiar with how not to violate the community guidelines (apparently hate speech posts are wrong but linking to hate speech posts are alright), sooner or later by accident (I do not have a proofreader), I’ll violate the community guidelines again, and my account will be deleted.

Alot of my written posts I did not initially save on microsoft word or google docs but fortunately Facebook has a very easy way to have an archive backup (; perhaps because facebook was self-aware several accounts would be banned under their disgisting dogma.

Afterwards what happens? I’ll set up a new account (Not being on Facebook will lose a way too significant portion of people to see my incredible content, so I fucking hate it, but I gotta work with them). So be prepared to like that new one munchkins once the account is removed, and with more chances to violate community guidelines, hopefully the 2nd one doesn’t get deleted. And like with every newly made account, probably less than a-tenth of my initial followers will like my new page once it first starts up, meaning thousands of people will less likely stumble upon my amazing content; it’s extremely depressing and I’ll be sad for about 2 hours but that’s what happens when the biggest social networking site is run by a group of corporate cunts who wants to suck up to powerful conservative assholes so they can gain more sponsors and develop more relationships with companies to earn more money. When the primary function of social networking sites is the proliferation of ideas, this type of censorship fucking deplorable. Hopefully the news of the deletion of my account will attract enough shares and news coverage, making gaining back my followers,  attracting new ones and raising awareness to this wretched censorship of facebook greater; for popular public figures you can always bank on the streisand effect.

I will continue creating awesome content; just that people like Mark Zuckerberg will prevent these posts from being more popular than they can be, leading to humanity to remain stupid for a longer time. I think in my long list of victims (PAP, feminists, religious people, homophobes, non-vegans, conservatives, copyright advocates etcetera etcetera etcetera) Facebook is now one of them, and everyone knows that when you have incurred the wrath of Amos Yee; you will be fucked. Mark Zuckerberg, your American ass is grass.



*Update: Alvin Tan told me on Twitter that I actually have more chances left before Facebook permanently deletes my account; there will be a subsequent 7-day ban, then a final 30-day ban; so hopefully I play my cards right and don’t violate the guidelines another 2 times XD Hate speech still continues on wordpress and other sites though 😀


The Banned anti-singapore fireworks facebook post

Lamentation Of The Flu

I have been bedridden (Room-ridden?) for several days, it’s probably a flu, it causes me to become very lethargic, though I felt the sickness was not serious enough to compel me to go to a Doctor, so I didn’t. The flu is probably caused by over-exerting myself both in work and in social activites.

I cant seem to get any work done on videos because everytime I do, I am struck with a headache that most likely delays a full recovery. Somehow after a long time I have still not yet recovered, maybe this is the long-term effects of the lack of exercise and fast-food being in majority of my diet. I did take some daily pills I received before from a doctor try to heal my ailment, I use it every time before I go to sleep because it induces drowsiness, but there doesn’t seem to be a significant effect so I’m becoming skeptical.

I managed to catch up on some movies I wanted to watch, but sometimes after over-exposure to the screen, I gain another headache and become even more sick… I’m also unable to participate in the usual heated Facebook debates because that too also causes me a headache.

I’m getting nervous that I haven’t gotten any work done and have postponed numerous projects for quite some time. And being restricted to only a few activities does make you moody. I’m contemplating if I should see a doctor tomorrow when the clinic opens, I probably should….

If I ever recover, I’ll have to better balance out work and rest, and finally take note of that factor that I’ve overlooked in my life, which is health. I hope I recover soon, there is a significant deprivation of logic and reason to the world,without me being around.

And I hope this sickness never happens again because of the stupidity I inflicted upon myself because I was too negligent to bother about my health.

This is a rather melodramatic lamentation of a flu.

Lamentation Of The Flu



Alas, it’s nearing the end of my journey in Zhonghua Secondary School. How I have changed considerably after these 4 years. With all the humility in the world, I think my experience, comparable to others, was very much more unique, because I am for better or worse, a completely unique individual, void of any established social construct that dear close-minded conservatives hold so sweetly to their hearts. And when such a person is placed in a not-so-unique setting, oh the things that happen.And oh! So sweet, now students have been tasked as a celebration to our graduation, to share our thoughts and experiences in our dear Secondary School. Oh how I relish at the opportunity.


Because I was so different, and was interested in talking about things that most people would shy away from, and was completely bored by what people normally talked about, there wasthis alienation from everyone for majority of my school years. It’s not that I only had a few friends, that isn’t a problem at all, it’s that I had absolutely no friends and had no one to talk, much less have a connection with.

Admittedly, it was also because of my own personal flaws, that contributed to my alienation. I was not a person who was capable of empathy, and was short of the capability to say things that made people feel good. However I think after acknowledging these problems, I’ve managed to effectively subdue them after knowing how detrimental they could be to myself, and I think from there it did open more gateways for me to form close relationships with friends, which currently I’m still trying to forge. But even with that, I’ll never associate myself with big groups of people for a long time and consider myself popular, and that’s good because I never wanted that. There is this novelty of having friends that can be maintained from Secondary School, but of course the most important thing in such relationships is it’s genuine nature.

I detested how most of my peers valued popularity. It seemed like one’s social life was considered better based on one’s popularity, so much so that I heard that there was even a tier-system which ranked peers on how popular they were, where many people in lower tiers should try to get to the top. Majority of my peers valued that, but I think I always knew that that being popular was never the ideal way. Which is why I felt, and I think still feel that the worst part in me making Youtube videos is the stupid people who come up to me and say ‘HI AMOS!’ like 5 times a week, now you might think that being famous and having people shout your name and hyperventilate to you would make you feel good, that’s actually the worst thing of being an artist. It’s terribly annoying and ironically none of them actually respect you or your work, and I don’t think necessarily that an artist should be a celebrity.

Anyways, I recalled trying to hang out with what is considered the supposedly ‘cool’ people, with cliques that reach the dozens and then feeling so empty afterwards, even more empty than when I was alone with no one to talk to.

Many don’t realize, but popular people and people in huge cliques don’t engage in any communication that actually forges a relationship. They talk a lot about where to take pictures, where to go, academic results and the weather, but they don’t talk about the really good stuff like feelings, plans for the future and hopes. At least…. Not nearly as much as I wanted. And how can you, when the most effective communication is between 2 people, and you’re surrounded by so many people you barely know about other than the information presented on their facebook profiles. It’s ironic how one can have so many people to go out with, but still feel so lonely. What’s magical is that although I was alone most of the time, I don’t think I ever felt lonely.

One should not have friends because they want to seem more popular, not lonely and have someone to hang out with in idle places in the holiday and post a constant barrage of Instagram pics to tell everyone that they’re popular, and then go back to school thinking that they possess an aura that they’re better than anyone who didn’t go out to as many places that they did with their ‘friends’. They value this really superficial form of’ friendship’ that thankfully for them, they can share with many others, but not me. So with that, I am not going to force myself to hang out with people I don’t like, was never interested in, just because they hold a popularity status that would make you more respected in the eyes of people as superficial as you, but because I genuinely like, and am interested in, and have a connection with that person. That’s what I held with most of the the time, and because I valued that aspect of a friendship much more than anyone else I knew, I was alienated because I never wanted a relationship that was insincere. However, that was the way that fortunately, or unfortunately, was the most honest, and I think at least for me, the most happy with.


I was very shocked and rather disappointed by the teachers in our school. Lessons were taught by mindless drones with remotely no zest or any conceivable passion. In my experience,  specifically, Chemistry, literature and E maths. The turmoil and mundanity that I and I’m sure my peers feel, radiates from our class. It sickens me that about a-fifth of my life was spent in a class with these people. None of them advocate thinking outside of the box and expressing new and innovative ideas, just rote-learning and memorisation, which is why neither the teachers nor the students are interested in anything taught in class, it is neither stimulating nor satisfying to learn. Furthermore, the teachers seemed to  work better as students, than teachers. They seem to know the material needed to study, but they don’t know how they managed to acquire that material, which is why there were many times when I was simply baffled by how horrible and ineffective some of the advice given by teachers were for students desperate to try to find a correct way to study.

I was absolutely traumatized when my Chemistry Teacher claimed, with a seeming air of unabashed wisdom that ‘copying was memorising’. I think of the dozens of students with every subsequent batch that joins her, and is plagued and misled by this archaic notion, used by primitive Chinese folks centuries ago to memorize ancient poems characterized by sexism and racism, and I weep .  One time I even felt that I needed to openly rebel against the E maths teacher in class, so that I could retain a decent E maths mark, never have I seen a string of Maths exercises so repetitive and useless provided by a teacher, and I cry for anyone who thought that it was efficient to spend 7 hours doing 120 quadratic equations, and then wondering why they didn’t score well. When my mark for E maths was reduced from 90 to 80 in CA2, because I postponed studying for E maths due to me progressively losing zest in learning E maths and putting off learning the new chapters and reviewing the syllables 2 days before the exam, my dear E maths teacher said something along the lines of ‘maybe you wouldn’t have done so bad if you did my work’.No , that was the reason why I didn’t do even worse.

Most of my academic achievement is attributed to learning outside of class by myself, in the comfort of my room Which is very ironic considering the titular reputation of school as an ‘educational institution’, you would expect it to be more responsible in educating you in the syllables than yourself, especially since you spend so much more time there in a day. I’m very sure that the ex-students that come back to visit the teachers do so not because they were good teachers, but because they might have been good people, who were nice, social and funny. But were they effective as educators, who made learning fun and managed to involve the students in thinking and the acquisition of knowledge? No.

They also seemed to lack an understanding of what impression I was trying to portray to them. The most common thing I hear from teachers is that I’m not ‘mindful of my words’ because whatever I say always comes out as condescending and insulting to them. However, I think my fellow teachers misunderstood the point, those words were so obviously meant to be insulting. So in that regard, I am actually very mindful of my words.


My experience in co-curricular activities was in the Drama Club, and I absolutely hated it. This is a club where it was quite clearly evident that the teachers are not concerned with it’s welfare, although they are supposedly ‘in-charge’,  where the venue can’t even be specified for majority of rehearsals, and even worst, when the situation is obviously not handled properly, the teacher hides it and doesn’t make any of the mishandling known to any of the students mindlessly following the teacher,  wondering when rehearsal will start. And when one expresses contempt at how poorly managed the whole situation is, the Teacher doesn’t apologize for it or takes responsibility, but instead says, ‘you’re not cooperating with the drama club. Show respect to the teacher’.

Rehearsals were characterized by sheer repetition, plagued by runs of the same performance over and over again without any feedback, specifically during my SYF rehearsal. And when feedback was given by the trainers, it was obvious that they were inexperienced and were ineffective in providing useful and good advice to improve one’s performance. I might not be adept in skills on acting and drama, but I am adept at spotting someone who is unsure of themselves. We constantly changed trainers supposedly because of a lack of funding, causing the quality of the trainers to become progressively worst, to the point that the drama club has disintegrated to being coached by the teachers who were not specifically trained in that area, and the seniors who delude themselves with the knowledge that they knew something because they were leaders. The club doesn’t participate in any competitions anymore, but only churns out performances about twice a year on school events, with an act that is devoid of any dramatic or acting skills, that is reminiscent of a classroom skit. Because of the lack of proper guidance and platforms to perform well and improve, one gets demotivated to perform their role well because even if they did, would they necessarily be acknowledged for it? Not in their opinion. We laze off, eventually gaining the reputation that we are a ‘slack CCA’ among the other CCAs, which the teachers and student leaders vehemently object to, but we are.   And then we wonder, ‘why did we get silver for SYF? WE WORKED SO HARD!’ Believe me, you neither worked hard, nor well.

I think personally, the worst part of my experience in the Drama Club was the student leaders, specifically the ones who were a year older than me. There was this black president, who literally darkened the mood with her presence, she was senseless, illogical and had this air of arrogance that unfortunately unlike me, was not validated by intelligence. She was oblivious to how inadequate her knowledge of drama was and always made herself seem like she knew her stuff, but we always knew she was full of bull. When she was voted for president, I literally thought a holocaust would happen to the drama club, which it did! I cannot count how many black jokes I have made ever since we were ‘graced’ by her reign. And the coincidence that many  of the subsequent presidents and vice presidents who were elected all constantly sucked up to her, introduced a surplus of whore jokes as well. She made me racist all over again.

Then there was this really fat vice-president, who I remembered kicked me out of a whole drama session because I vented my frustrations on how unorganized our preparation was during an NDP performance. He always seemed to be struggling to give advice that made sense, as much as he did in standing . Who single-handedly ruined our SYF performance with his final monologue(But really we should really blame the trainer for the casting decision). Who demanded respect and did so with the argument that ‘ I AM YOUR SENIOR’. He made an impression with his pompousness, stupidity and the need to gain respect from his juniors, which was virtually impossible for him to receive and was so painful when he tried to demand it. Such negative attributes plagued my experience in the club, where the only thing more obtrusive was his size.


New and creative ideas are meant to be controversial, and people who portray these ideas are controversial, but they are also influential. Lincoln was never popular when he tried to abolish slavery, and Gandhi went to jail and was shot for advocating independence to Indians. But they were great people, people who removed what was accepted as right but was so innately wrong in the world, and abolished them, making it better for more people in our world to live for all coming time. Modern issues such as the inane nature of religion, LGBT rights, whether or not one can use what is supposedly vulgar language, and the meat-headed need to abolish porn, all have definitive solutions based on logic, and with many avenues presented in an educational system, these solutions will be presented in one humorous form or another, especially by several youths studying in an educational institution, capable of being very influential in the future. Talking about these solutions should be advocated and discussion based on these issues should be encouraged and condoned.

Admittedly there will be people who are rebellious but are completely ridiculous and dumb, who advocate something controversial that makes hardly any shred of sense or has any evidence to support it. Distincting those 2 types should be dictated not by rules, but by logic.  Such people should not be derided upon because they are controversial, supposedly shamed their family and pissed off a great deal of people, they should be derided upon because what they are saying is stupid.

However obviously, rules are valued more than discourse. When  I wrote my email as ‘’ when you had to write a PERSONAL email address in a piece of situational writing, and was penalized for it not because it had some form of negative impact on anyone, or did not adhere to the rules of writing a PERSONAL address, but because ‘it is against the rules’ to write something ‘vulgar’.  It is evident that the discipline in the school is more concerned about punishing the  student than talking to the student  about ideas and what he thinks, and generalizes every student who watches pornography and says vulgar language as sinful and unruly. Think of all the people in the world who do those 2 things, who are successful and influential (George Carlin, Bill Maher, Tj Kirk) and then you see the huge amount of lost potential in cultivating great people. The school and its employees collectively try to rid of controversy, sees thinking of issues that are deemed sensitive to the public and sticks a knife to its back.

The ability to speak about these types of issues is the soul of creativity, art and expression. You disagree with it, fine, but don’t even have the gall to portray yourself like you welcome and encourage such people. Don’t hold an assembly talk and say that you respect what Nelson Mandela stood for, when you really don’t.


So in my experience of being the rebellious, iconoclastic individual that I am. The most terrifying thing, much more than detentions, suspension or caning, was the vice principal, the vice-principal with an arrogance as big as his size, where when many principals and vice-principals were changed constantly, he stayed…. oh god he stayed… I have never seen someone so close-minded, pompous and repetitive in my whole life. I am absolutely awestruck at how one is able to convey the same sentence in the long span of 40 minutes, without any awareness that he has said the word ‘values’ more than 20 times. A student would feel threatened and intimidated in such sessions if it weren’t for the fact that he is overcomed with boredom. Praise whoever enlightened our dear vice principal on his horrendous oratorical skills, so that future batches would never be ‘graced’ by his presence during festivities held in the School hall.  Many of my other peers, I heard whom were unfortunately plagued with bad results and had to meet him, were simply flabbergasted by how one human can dissolve to such a degree, with a pompous attitude and his ‘salt and water’ metaphor. How does one possess that level of monotony? If such a person is able to hold a position of power, then as history has stated, another Great Depression will befall us

Then of course I recall the incident which I think had some form of deep, psychological impact on me. The time where I was compelled to read out the most insincere, hypocritical ‘apology’ out loud to my fellow peers, that was written by teachers, for a video that should be more abhorred for its stupidity than for its supposed racism, that was absolutely non-existent. I witnessed firsthand, things that were completely beyond my level of comprehension at that time, that was completely beyond my preconceptions of how a school worked,where rules of an official institution was dictated by the unreliable stupidity of the public, and where punishment was dictated not by logic, or by an understanding of a scenario, but because, a book says so. That ‘apology’ given two years ago, and the subsequent deletion of my first Youtube account was not a sign that I knew my ‘mistakes’ and wanted to ‘change for the better’, it was a sign that other people effectively made me say so. Never have I felt so much anger, unjust, and indignation for how things are, how people are and how it affected me and probably many others too. Before that I was passive, soft-spoken and enjoyed the supposed goodness of the world. Never again would I be the same.

Looking back in hindsight, bravo for that.


The school genuinely feels that maturity is dictated by one’s age, it has access to long pants that look strikingly good and is extremely comfortable, and yet one doesn’t grant a student those pants until they reach secondary 3 and 4. The pants become a sign of authority, power and a supposed wisdom above those who are younger. Age doesn’t make maturity, maturity makes maturity. Even as a junior I saw my fellow ‘seniors’ engaging in fights and tailoring one’s uniform so it would be virtually impossible to button it. I’m pretty sure I was more mature than them.

Also, when you are placed in an institution where every student is obligated to respect the teacher, and if any defiance is seen (Whether substantiated or not), one gets punished, students do not learn to genuinely respect someone based on their qualities and attributes, but through authority, based on age and the fear of being punished. We create an atmosphere where respect is demanded rather than gained. Has any teacher ever asked, is that the kind of respect that they want and value?

On a weekly basis, we see the loud Ex-Discipline master with his booming voice, that is heard across the whole school. Was this in the display in our recent open house? Because this is really one of the classic sights in our school. Using a loud voice shows that one has valued ordering people to obey instead of enlightening them on why they should follow some established rules. The offenders who were afflicted with our Ex-discipline master’s admonishment, from what I heard still repeat their offences. And of course that isn’t surprising, how do they know why what they are doing is wrong when one is more focused in punishing them, than educating them. It is shame how one values handing out punishments instead of helping a student distinct right from wrong, however based on my observations, they’re not sure of that themselves, restricted to a rule book that is primarily archaic.

But undoubtedly, the discipline committee did it’s job as it’s titular title suggests, it advocated discipline, which is following without question, without discussion and without intellgence. Truly in the name of democracy. Of course, we as a  country values such disciplined people, who would follow any person in a position of power who are supposedly more intelligent in making decisions for them. We have a top-notch army with a plethora of equipment (Which is not used and is overspent on), a string of teachers and educators working to nurture students (With whom I have mentioned will never touch anything controversial with an 8-inch pole, in fears of losing their job, therefore hindering thinking and creativity)  and thousands of office workers, who work tirelessly every week for the economic benefits of our country (Leading to us being one of the richest but unhappiest country in the world, how ironic isn’t it?)

Therefore with such a flawed disciplinary system in place, it creates an environment where understanding and discussion is not valued, And in turn, it reduces one’s willingness to indulge in creative endeavors like art. And then we wonder why is the arts scene in Singapore so weak and why aren’t Singaporeans creative and innovative people? This pervades the school atmosphere, which scorns the creative, the thinkers and intellectually adept, in favor of cultivating followers, brainless, dogs.


Of course in the long-term hopes of every students, we undergo all of this for the allure of gaining good results. A joy that is non-existent, or at least ephemeral. One gains as much joy from that as catching a ball with one hand, or finally unloosing one’s bowels and taking a very satisfying shit. And for that, we rot our brains in school, voiding ourselves from the ability to think, interacting with people we don’t necessarily like, and spending decades learning things we don’t necessarily want or need. No no, never again.

All of that to gain a piece of paper, that minimally guarantees a job of stability, a job where one follows a daily routine and gets a monthly salary, and a job, in my opinion, of sheer boredom and unhappiness. And they with the piece of paper, claiming that they have faired better in their lives, compared to fellow hawkers and construction workers. But I retort, at least they didn’t spend up to 10 years in a place they didn’t like, filling their brains with knowledge they never wanted. Some people say it’s a life they want, not for me. Some people they say it is worth going to school for over 10 years for such a life, no it isn’t.


I’m so glad that the organisers of this prom opened up this avenue for all us graduands to share our final views on our 4 years of school life, and does not restrict it to only positive pandering and allows for more antithetical negative ones too (I hope).

Without the ‘undying’ help of the teachers and the people of authority, and their vicious punishment of me, I would not have gained a greater insight on the implications of the decisions that I made, and on the supposedly democratic, supposedly open-minded, completely conservative, archaic atmosphere of school. And fortunately (or unfortunately in your case), unlike many others, it did not stop me from, but heightened my passion to reveal and logically condemn the flawed established social structures that you advocate. I could make a whole career out of it.

I’ve learnt a lot. But it’s kind of like a starving child in Africa who has been hunted by wild animals daily. It’s quite miserable, but you sort of learn survival skills that you can’t learn anywhere else. But would I want to return to such a scenario? No.

Ultimately, these 4 years of experience in school, at least in my opinion, fucking sucked.

– Amos Yee


Amos Yee’s reply to the highly eloquent Anus Yee

Hi remember, Anus Yee? The guy who re-uploaded my video ‘Chinese New Year’ and demanded an apology. Well,  I finally replied to him!

Dear Anus Yee

I’m Amos Yee, thank you for re-uploading my infamous video ‘Chinese New Year’ when I was incapable of maintaining it’s presence on Youtube, because of my father and the school. I would have liked to continue monetizing my video to earn some extra cash for video games, but alas, the stress from external social influences proved to be quite agonizing for a little 14 year-old boy.

Nonetheless, it was very ambitious of you to take the reins and represent the majority of the hate group of this video, I hope that your ambition has gained you adherents. I especially loved the highly assertive tone and the excellent Grammar presented in your description.

I’m so sorry you never received the apology that you and I’m sure many other of your Chinese followers had demanded. I’m just such an unrepentant asshole, I had committed the shameless wrongs of… making fun of the zodiac and… speaking in an American accent… truly, reprehensible acts! And me, being the cold and heartless RACIST that I am, is just unable to see the error of my ways, and admit my mistakes. I’m truly a sickening, horrible person! But I’m sure, you and your fellow Chinese viewers, being the compassionate and forgiving people you are, will find it deep in your hearts to forgive this sinful, horrible bastard, regardless of an apology. Truly an advocate, of Jesus Christ.

And you, as a dedicated hater, who went so far as to create a Youtube account and re-upload my video, truly a person that is deeply concerned with the traffic that my videos garner, maintatining the eminence of my teachings, and spreading the word of the Yee. I have nothing but absolute gratitude and love for what you have done. You are the light at the end of my tunnel, you are the blood that courses through my veins, you are the sausage in my macaroni and cheese. You are my muse.

Now I’m glad, AnusYee, that I have finally managed to escape the external influences of both my family and school, and am able to continue my awful tyranny of evil, to continue to cause much turmoil both in the Chinese community and the galactic republic, as a content producer on Youtube. My recent video, which is sure to be a hot topic, that will surely add content to the oeuvre of AnusYee. A video on homosexuality!…

Now that I’ve made a video on homosexuality, you’d probably claim that my video that spoke up for homosexual rights, has offended every homosexual in the world! Truly an insightful observation, what would we do without you… AnusYee

My good man, my comrade in arms, my Giacomo Casanova. I wish you all the best of luck and prosperity, with your future endeavors, as the passionate, motivated hater, with the really good grammar.

Yours sincerely
Amos Yee

Amos Yee’s reply to the highly eloquent Anus Yee

The Future Of Budding Writers League

Dear Budding Writers League

The Future Of Budding Writers League


Hello fellow members, we had just had, our 2nd ever Budding Writers League Meetup Session. And with all the humility in the world, I would say, it was an absolute success. Believe me, it wasn’t some lame, boring session with a tedious speech and mediocre ice breaker games. It was a very energetic, lively, discussion.. With moments of doubt, passion,disagreements, and above all, some insightful and enlightening experiences, all in lieu of one 2-hour session, that was beautiful to witness, and also very fun. And if you went to the session and come to any other subsequent bwl sessions and then you say, no! I was dissatisfied with the session, and this session sucks! And then you write me an extremely long composition(Probably the length of an entire compostion) detailing every aspect of why it sucks. And the reasons you provide are genuinely validated. Then I will go to the end of the world to make it up to you, oh god I will.

So these kinds of riveting meet-up sessions and discourses are going to be held every 3 weeks. I had just created the event page for our next meet-up session on Fairytales, and once again, whether you’re a league member or just someone from the community, you should join the session and share the event voraciously.

I announced some future plans and ideas for the league in the coffee session, and I’m going to detail most of them, and some additional ones here, they’re really important and very cool, so you should read them:


Anyways, if you noticed that other than writing-related content(As in the literary sense), I also frequently post about films, cartoons and probably in the future, about every other medium that consists of writing (Visuals novels, comics, theatre and even composition of Music). I want to blur the lines between other mediums of art and writing because pretty much every medium of art consists of some form of writing, and it’s fucking arrogant to say that every prestigious writer who wants the most of their talent to be shown, should only indulge in literature and novels, they’re just pretentious cunts, old-fashioned, conservative idiots, without an adept knowledge of the medium. Believe me, I’ve gained more satisfaction and thrills from reading the Tarantino screenplay for Inglorious Basterds, than I have reading any sonnet that Shakespeare has ever written. Maybe a more apt name for our league should be ‘The Artists’ society’ or something along those lines, but I can’t think of a title great enough to replace the name ‘Budding Writers League’, neither do I think I can change the name of the Facebook Page. Though Budding Writers League could also be a draft 1 of a subsequent future artists’ society, we’ll see how we do and possibly make further decisions once it becomes validated, but as of now, we’re keeping the name ‘Budding Writers League’ but no way are we going to restrict ourselves to just literature. We’re going to explore the aspect of writing in as many mediums of art as possible, because that’s what a great writer does.

Also FYI, we’re not associated with the Budding Writers League ‘Site’ (It’s fucking trash) or closed group, at least not anymore. If you guys don’t know, I(Amos Yee) wasn’t the original founder of Budding Writers League(I would have thought of a different, and possibly better name), Eugene Tay was, but he lost passion in the project and wanted to continue to strive in other endeavors. and there was a power vacuum that ironically none of the existing members took. So I had just finished O levels wanting to be a member, and ended up being the leader instead.

At first, Eugene and the other existing members still had an admin position and could control content on the Facebook page, and plus Eugene did put in the effort to start the league up and accumulated likes, so that was still my way of appreciation I guess? But then I soon kicked them all out and became the league’s sole leader, because they were not contributing, not active, and didn’t deserve any control or leadership at all.

And even worst, they wanted me to advocate censorship on the page, towards controversial issues like vulgar language and religion (You can find remnants of those discussions in the comments section of the Budding Writers League banner). I completely disagreed with the approach as doing so will reduce our outreach significantly, especially in lieu of great artists. To restrict an artists’ vision just because an issue is controversial or vulgar, is completely antithetical to creativity, success and influence in writing, and it’s fucking ironic that Eugene and his band of cunts go out of their way to censor everything that their mothers would hit their little palms about, regardless of whether or not it is for a good cause, and then subsequently advocates that ‘thinking out of the box should be 2nd nature’. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites. They were trying so hard to be the next educational system, with their classes, tuitions, deadlines etcetera, when really they should have rebelled against the system if they truly wanted a conducive environment for artists, instead of sucking the oblong dick of the Government.

They are completely incompetent as artists, as leaders and most of all, as people.

Also, the aforementioned books that we published in the era of Eugene, that I mentioned briefly in the Budding Writers League advert video, we won’t attempt to proliferate or sell those books anymore, neither do the previous authors want any association with us because they feel that with every time we post religious imagery on the facebook page, an angel cries, and we’re contributing to the oppression of mythological creatures. But don’t worry, because those books published, objectively speaking, suck anyways, and it neither has quality (Because surprise surprise! If you write a book for a class and a deadline, instead of passion and wanting to say something, you create shitty stories) , nor will any of them probably garner sales, to associate with them is a significant sell-out to the quality assurance of our publications we definitely want to uphold. So technically speaking, as of now, we have absolutely no publications to our name.

Now you might think that Budding Writers League is in a horrible position, we’re losing members that adhere to Eugene’s tyranny(Though right now, I think probably not as much as we are gaining), and we don’t have paperbacks to sell to the public. But we aren’t, we are actually in a very top form, probably the highest in the league’s history. We’re basically just filtering out the shit and attracting the gold(Name one prestigious writer that advocates censorship and I will concede defeat because if you say you want to restrict language and then say you are creative and can think out of the box at the same time, it’s kind of contradictory isn’t it? And a hypocrite never succeeds) If you are going to tell writers that they are less eloquent or less intelligent, just because they say fuck and talk about religion, then you are the one truly immature, and believe me, we would be glad and relieved, to not have your conservative cunt in our league (Though you can join, but we’ll treat you with hostility, especially by Amos Yee, but I do recommend you take the risk. You might learn a lot and this time it’s relevant.)

And in lieu of publications, which do you think is more conducive and sustainable for artists, giving them a deadline and making them adhere to restrictions and writing rules like school to ‘motivate’ members to write stories and then end up sucking because of it, and then making them never want to participate in such a project again because the experience before was neither fulfilling nor enjoyable (Which is what Eugene and his band of ‘leaders’ did, so with all his ‘passion’ in this project for 2 years, no fucking shit it would fail), or, I create an environment that is so conducive, so engaging, that writers are injected with powerful surges of passion and desire to write, where their stories are dictated not by a deadline, but by their own commitment and a need to tell their stories and express their views, and we provide editors, who will judge and critique their work not based on arbitrary claims that there are too many ‘fucks’ in a sentence and the depiction of a black Jesus would not go well with the general public (I never knew that Mid-Eastern Jews were white) but on it’s quality, it’s actual quality, characters, techniques, how you present your story etcetera, a complete non-bullshit critique with all the reverence in the world for their artistic vision,and then subsequently help them publish their masterpiece.

Who the fuck do you think will have more publications, and even more importantly, who the fuck do you think make their writers’ happier when then write their masterpiece? I understand artists and what makes them work, because I am an artist myself. Eugene and his ‘members’ never understood artists, because they were neither artists, nor were they ever one, but you act like you understand them, which is why Eugene became a teacher.


In lieu of our Budding Writers League website, we drafted plans, tried to find programmers(Actually the only guy who could be capable of creating this website, but he’s currently studying for O levels so he probably can’t create an entire website this year) and thought of hosting options with affordable payments of $10/month. But then, we had some sort of nirvana (And not the stupid Buddhist kind, I’ve seen people on LSD talk with more Insight than Gautama Buddha, why can’t they create a major world religion instead?)we found out that all we wanted from the website, was to provide information on the Budding Writers League, post updates and posts on the site to involve members, have little discussions about writing related topics, provide an avenue for members to post their stories etcetera, so why the fuck can’t you do all of that on Facebook? And it’s free…. And easier to edit….. So yeah, fuck the website, our Facebook page is our website. Ingenious isn’t it?

The only drawback I think that can be deemed significant, is that we can’t control the design of our ‘Website’, Facebook is basically all blue. But I think it’s fine because websites, especially what we’re doing, is not supposed to be significantly a visual medium. Our content purely, is supposed to generate traffic and activity in our site. Of course, I acknowledge that the visual layout of a site can be deemed as important and could contribute to the relative enjoyment of the work. However, the layout of Facebook is very satisfactory, and though I had some really cool design ideas for our new website that can’t be achieved on Facebook.But for now, for those ideas I don’t think it’s worth further depriving our writers of a portal for their work for an additional few months, trying to find a programmer and spending money to host the site. I mean, it’s great to masturbate to hardback copies of Atlas Shrugged (Any Ayn Rand fans here?), but of course the main reason why you bought a hardback was mainly because of the story, instead of the cover, at least I hope you did.

And another aspect that can be deemed as a drawback, is that there’s no explicit search bar functionality. However, it really is very easy to substitute it, and it’s just the problem of people not knowing(Including me, I didn’t know too until I just found out, is this common knowledge? Because if it is, than I’m really embarrassing myself here XD), so I’ll provide you a free tutorial for anyone who doesn’t know. All you have to do if you want to search for a specific post in a page is just to type on that little bar at the top of Facebook, ‘Post’ followed by the Page’s name, and then a keyword. So if I want to search for stories concerning autism in budding writers league, all I have to do is type’ Post Budding Writers League Autism’ and you’ll find it, in fact I think the ‘search bar’ is even better and more appropriate on Facebook, because it doesn’t follow keywords in lieu of tags, but the words you use in the actual post. So there, problem solved, our ‘website’ is looking pretty good now ain’t it?


Oh and as I mentioned before, there’s also not going to be an official Youtube Channel anymore since Amos Yee is the only one making Budding Writers League videos. Therefore, all Budding Writers League related content will be posted on Amos Yee’s channel, and it will also garner more traffic since the channel is more popular. So all the videos from the budding writers league channel has been reuploaded to Amos Yee’s channel,(Which was just one, the Where the wild things are reading by Amos Yee has been reuploaded), and future Budding Writers League videos will be uploaded there.


And I also mentioned previously to post stories and make use of the Budding Writers League portal, we’ve provided links to do so in the About section of the Facebook page and in a previous post, this where you and other fellow members can post stories and those stories will be posted on our Facebook page, to allow it to be critiqued by Budding Writers League and the community. More information is in the link itself.

Furthermore, keep in mind, we’re also holding a writers confessions section, where fellow writers can share their problems in writing, and it will be posted on the Budding Writers League Facebook page, to our community, and grant you the help that you deserve. Link to the confessions page are once again in the About Section.


Finally, of course, since this is a league with lots of people and activities involved, you would probably be interested the league’s leadership structure and the respective roles that members can play in the league. And unlike other companies who like to be mum about these types of things, I say fuck them and I’m going to reveal the entire, revolutionary, exceptionally ‘complicated’ leadership structure(hahahaha) of Budding Writers League, because I am generous and love to share good things, even though society deems it as bad for no good reason(Fuck them). So anyways, here it is:

There is the leader, the head honcho, which is Amos Yee(That’s me). He(I) works with the community and himself to generate content, creates all the links, is the only one who has sole access to all the social networking sites, and basically runs and oversees everything.

And the rest of the people are all members. Yup, there are no other leadership positions other than head honcho, there is no vice-president, 2nd vice-president, treasurer, president of marketing, president of shining members shoes, president to teach presidents how to be presidents. Fuck all that shit. Everyone else is a member. Therefore, even more so that leagues with a verbose list of leadership positions, your reputation in the league will then be dictated on your contribution to the league and how you participate, and how much you contribute is not restricted to a leadership position, when you want to interact with a writing community, post your stories and comment on other stories, if you want to be alone, then do so, we’re not going to force you to continue contributing, like how a ‘leader’ does(Even I post stuff on the Facebook page only when I feel like it, so from the frequency of daily posts you can tell I really like this club don’t I?), own time, own target, controlling your own destiny.

Continue posting your stories, art and confessions, and if there’s any information that’s miscellaneous(maybe a compeitition or a meme about writing?) that you think is extremely important that Budding Writers League should post, send a private message over, and if it’s great content that should be discussed upon, we will definitely oblige. We want to create the best possible environment for our community of writers to foster in, and what better way to do that, then to collaborate with our fellow writers to generate content to our Facebook page. So basically your role on the site is not dictated by an arbitrary leadership position, but your actual contribution. Therefore if you somehow manage to contribute more to Budding Writers League than me, then you deserve to overthrow me and I will make you admin (But if that’s the case, you might as well just start your own society, that could probably be better than BWL)

You might think that this leadership structure is quite precarious, since there’s only leader involved and that leader is in control of so many important aspects of the league. And you would probably be right. So if in any case Amos Yee(me)suddenly dies, hopefully someone hacks into my Facebook account and make someone capable enough the new Admin or Leader, otherwise Budding Writers League is completely screwed. So really, all you have to do to stop artists from making more comics about how Muhammad sucks and possibly cause a non-violent Atheist revolution that allows more Atheists (and logical people) to be in the world by 2038, is to just kill me. And if you do, I completely understand, it’s absolutely horrible, but in the perspective of an Islamic fundamentalist cunt, I completely understand. And of course, there’s the issue that sometime in the future I might lose interest in the club(probably not), quietly stop running the club, just like Eugene, and leaving the activity of the club in shambles, and maybe some of the= members work to be lost. But you have to be uncompromisingly honest with yourself when you ask this, is Amos Yee that much of a cunt (Eugene) to suddenly not assume his leadership position, and even worst, not tell anyone about it? And that answer, is the factor that leads to the stability of the club, pure, unmitigated trust, to your leader. And believe me, you will trust me a lot.

And then you see how one person, who grew up bottom of his class with the IQ of a 104, can have all these people, and non-violent revolutions, and other impactful influences to the world that is contingent to him, so why the fuck aren’t there more people like me?

And you have all the rights to set up your own society, but if it was so easy to identify flaws with the league that compels you to make another writing league because you can definitely do a better job, then obviously I haven’t done my job well(Just like the humanist society, censorshipping cunts, I’m genuninely thinking of setting up my own Singapore Atheist Society in the future.).

You might think this leadership structure is truly revolutionary, just one leader, and everyone else are members, where artists are truly able to have free reign despite being part of a league. Yes it is pretty fucking cool I know, but I wouldn’t consider it that revolutionary, just one of it’s advocates that contributes to it being influential, because Gabe Newell beat me to it (and it’s actually because he sent out the 40-page valve employee manual which is why I had the idea). And look at valve, where 75% of PC games are sold to players on steam, and half-life 2 has won more Game of the decade awards than a nintendo game(I still don’t agree with that). So Gabe Newell found out that you don’t need a leadership position to compel you to create art, in fact a leadership position actually adversely affects your motivation to create art, all you need, once again, is passion, and an artistic vision. Lord Gaben, you are a fucking genius.


In conclusion, I’ll end off by saying this, you are now about to be part of something that is truly unique, special and exceptionally awesome, that of Budding Writers League. It is now serving as a source of inspiration to many and will continue evolving in the subsequent future. However, it’s relative success, whether it becomes a the greatest writing society in the world or a club that consists of millions, is contingent on me, your head honcho, but most of all, to you, the writers, creators, thinkers, and artists. You, are now part of something, that can be truly revolutionary. I know…. it is terribly exciting

My fellow friends, Welcome To Budding Writers League.

Best Wishes
BW (AKA Your head honcho, Amos Yee)

The Future Of Budding Writers League