The 4 Waves Of Freedom Of Speech

The 4 Waves Of Freedom Of Speech

1st wave (nonexistent)

People are ‘entitled to freedom of speech’ so long as it doesn’t break the peace, encourages other people to commit crimes, defames etc.

People: Lee hsien loong, Singapore government, most singaporeans, communists, fascists

2nd wave (seditious)

It’s alright to offend (politicians, celebrities etc.) unless it concerns race or religion

People: Most people in Europe, most pro-opposition supporters in Singapore. Most ex ‘supporters’ of Amos Yee

3rd wave (the 1st amendment)

It’s alright to say anything as long as it doesn’t incite violence

People: Most people from the West. Most people who are sane. Most supporters of Amos Yee.

4th wave(absolutist)

You should be able to say whatever you want, even if it incites violence, and not be punished by law. Therefore if Hitler existed today, he should not be sentenced.

People: Amos Yee

Which wave of freedom of speech are you? :S

The 4 Waves Of Freedom Of Speech

AMOS YEE HAS 8 CHARGES! Mostly from wounding islam. However…..


Wounding Religion:

Sharing Dusty Smith’s Video (Somebody has to notify him):


Banned anti-islam Facebook post:


Greatest anti-christian video of all time:


Finger on Quran:


Ending line FUCK ALLAH!


Greatest islam Video Of All Time


Not reporting to police station:

On 14 December 2015 to ISP Doreen Chong

On 10 May compelled by Magistrate Choo


However, they forgot…..


Wounding Religion

Fuck Islam and Allah doesn’t exist (Calvin Cheng):


Refuting Christians With Own Christian Bible:


Response to ISIS Death Threat:


Sudden Religious Stab! :


In Preparation For Anal Sex:


In the Middle Fuck Islam:


Burn Allah Burn!:







Disobeying court orders

Unprivatising lee kuan yew video:


Unprivatizing banned margaret thatcher buttfucking lee kuan yew image:


Lying to police

I’m using my friend’s laptop:




And many other instances, I can’t keep count anymore




charge 1charge 2charge 3charge 4charge 5charge 6charge 7charge 8

AMOS YEE HAS 8 CHARGES! Mostly from wounding islam. However…..

Police broke into house and took $16000 worth of items Amos Yee says

Amos went down from his house in Jurong at around 3pm to find 3 police officers camping at the void deck downstairs. Once spotted, they immediately went up and handcuffed him.

The police brought Amos back to his house as many members of the public looked anxiously at poor handcuffed Amos, to his humiliation.

Without using the key that was taken from Amos, the police forcefully broke into the house. A concerned neighbour went up to the house and asked what was going on. The officer subsequently slammed the door on his face

Seeing that the house was filled with lots of boxes and stuff, the police officers called for assistance. 9 police officers searched through the entire 5 room flat for 3 hours.

Confiscated items include:

5 phones

7 laptops (1 of which is was Amos’ mother’s working laptop that had her prepared tuition notes inside and it significantly disrupted her work)

1 desktop computer

6 cameras

3 tripods

The police took approximately $16000 worth of items

When the police decided to send Amos back to the police station, they found an extra need to put plastic shackles on Amos’ arms, legs and around his body. They were very tight and Amos expressed discomfort but the officers refused to loosen them until quote ‘we are back at the station’. Once the shackles were loosened, there were noticeable bruises on both arms and legs.

In the police station, Amos was then subjected to a tedious and unbearable 57 question long interrogation in a cold room. ISP Doreen Chong asked questions like:

‘what was your intention to post the picture of you showing the middle finger on the quran’

‘did you know that your words would offend people?’

‘what do you mean by halal-snorters?’

Amos found out that they had tracked every possibly offensive religious comment since mid december when he was issued the letter to compel to go for investigations

Amos expressed reluctance in answering the questions in between the interrogation. Another male officer then threatened Amos saying, ‘if you don’t answer these questions, we can infer that to a different meaning and it will be to your disadvantage in court’.The session continued

Amos was then thrown into a cell.


hole on ground (toilet)

hole on wall with button beside (water comes out)

*no mats or sheets were given. Nothing was provided


Amos was so traumatised, he was unable to eat the entire day, during the 12 hours he was in the police station.

Amos is now out on 5k bail posted by his mother

Police broke into house and took $16000 worth of items Amos Yee says

The Banned anti-singapore fireworks facebook post

Here is the post:

‘There was an 8-minute firework showcase at marina bay last night, and the display is large and extremely expensive, but it is blisteringly dull. Malaysia spent much less on fireworks than singapore, yet their display was so much more creative and fun to watch. This is once again stunningly indicative of how horrid our arts scene is (the organisers were most definitely government dogs), you talentlessly launch one explosive after another with absolutely no sensitivity to to presentation of style, and just make it bigger and longer so you can fool the stupid general population into thinking it was awesome; it’s the transformers of fireworks.

But no matter, fireworks as a form of entertainment is just generally horrible, you frighten birds and homeless animals (Fuck them! Why should we care about creatures who are lower than us. As lee kuan yew said, fuck equality), and to quote Amos Yee (yours truly) ‘What can be more filled with depth, and remind us about the great legacy that singapore has, than seeing our tax dollars BURN in the air!’ I mean…. enjoying the display of fireworks. And of course you have sph fucks like TheStraitsTimes and ChannelNewsAsia boast about it as if it’s something to be proud of, then again this problem isn’t just exclusive to our country (Fuck everyone of you).

And the assholes, quote unquote ‘cool kids’ who were self-indulgently ‘enjoying’ the display are either oblivious or fucking delusional (just like christians; HAHA! SUDDEN RELIGIOUS STAB)(And seriously, how are you able to stand the boredom of marina bay sands and hearing music that drops the bass 48 times, without fucking killing yourself? You must have honed that skill in school), here you are causing noise pollution, preventing thousands or animals and people from sleeping, and then when truly empathetic people like me knows about the troubles you’re causing to them for your ‘enjoyment’ and points out the issue, you ignore it, and then claim that person is not empathetic because they criticised and hurt you wee-little feelings.

And this essentially sums up the general personality of singaporeans (well… at least 70% of them), living misinformed lives, enjoying themselves based on other people’s expense, and then completely denying responsibility and blaming others for the flaws that they have. Why do we not have a distinctly cultural identity of our own? Because our culture, the celebrations, the leaders, fucking suck; which the government of course doesn’t want to reveal.

singaporeans fucking suck, but what do you expect when their role model is the group of communist dictators that is the singapore government. Thanks pap; fuck you (pap-bashing continues :D)’

Previously for the anti-islam Facebook post (

I was banned for 24 hours, this time I was banned for 3 days.

Now of course the crux of the post – the vehement political bashing, was definitely not the reason the post was removed (because if you’ve seen my output, if that were the case my account would have been banned months ago); it has to be about religion, so I was definitely banned for 3 days because of the one sentence, ‘And the assholes, quote unquote ‘cool kids’ who were self-indulgently ‘enjoying’ the display are either oblivious or fucking delusional (just like christians; HAHA! SUDDEN RELIGIOUS STAB)’ (I’m really a fan of sudden quick analogical digressions to stab religion).

So now I think I finally get these ‘community guidelines’. If it’s a simple ad hominem attack like, ‘STUPID MUSLIM CUNT XD’, that’s alright. But if it’s a comment that stings religious nuts by revealing a truth about them; that’s transgression; even if it’s just one sentence. I think it’s exactly the same criteria of how singapore charges someone for ‘intending to wound religious feelings, when they wanted to arrest me for the remark in the calvin cheng blog post (, ‘Fuck Islam and Allah doesn’t exist’.

Not only was I unable to post any public posts on my timeline for 3 days, I also couldn’t post public comments on posts too (which is still ridiculous but can be better argued, I shouldn’t be able to post anything public because I am a hate speech dangerous fuck), but what really ticked my nipples, was when I realised that they also prevented me from PRIVATELY messaging people. I could see the fucking messages sent to me but could not reply to them (Someone sent me a PM and I had to fucking reply to them with SMS. For communicating with the few people that do not have whatsapp and since I do not have an unlimited SMS function on my fucking phone, it is really fucking annoying). Especially for someone who uses Facebook messenger as the primary way to message someone and especially for someone who has several contacts on Facebook and no where else, this is horrible for me, With the previous bans I had I think the same thing happened, just that I don’t think I private messaged or commented on posts on Facebook in that time to have noticed. This has absolutely nothing to do with my offence, has absolutely no reason to act as a punishment; it is fucking wretched.

I am in an extremely precipitous position, now I’ve violated Facebook community guidelines about 4 times and since this time I’ve been banned for a lengthy 3 days, this would probably be my last chance before my account becomes permanently taken down, just like what happened to Alvin Tan. And there’s a very high chance that with my frequent use of facebook, even though I think I’m pretty familiar with how not to violate the community guidelines (apparently hate speech posts are wrong but linking to hate speech posts are alright), sooner or later by accident (I do not have a proofreader), I’ll violate the community guidelines again, and my account will be deleted.

Alot of my written posts I did not initially save on microsoft word or google docs but fortunately Facebook has a very easy way to have an archive backup (; perhaps because facebook was self-aware several accounts would be banned under their disgisting dogma.

Afterwards what happens? I’ll set up a new account (Not being on Facebook will lose a way too significant portion of people to see my incredible content, so I fucking hate it, but I gotta work with them). So be prepared to like that new one munchkins once the account is removed, and with more chances to violate community guidelines, hopefully the 2nd one doesn’t get deleted. And like with every newly made account, probably less than a-tenth of my initial followers will like my new page once it first starts up, meaning thousands of people will less likely stumble upon my amazing content; it’s extremely depressing and I’ll be sad for about 2 hours but that’s what happens when the biggest social networking site is run by a group of corporate cunts who wants to suck up to powerful conservative assholes so they can gain more sponsors and develop more relationships with companies to earn more money. When the primary function of social networking sites is the proliferation of ideas, this type of censorship fucking deplorable. Hopefully the news of the deletion of my account will attract enough shares and news coverage, making gaining back my followers,  attracting new ones and raising awareness to this wretched censorship of facebook greater; for popular public figures you can always bank on the streisand effect.

I will continue creating awesome content; just that people like Mark Zuckerberg will prevent these posts from being more popular than they can be, leading to humanity to remain stupid for a longer time. I think in my long list of victims (PAP, feminists, religious people, homophobes, non-vegans, conservatives, copyright advocates etcetera etcetera etcetera) Facebook is now one of them, and everyone knows that when you have incurred the wrath of Amos Yee; you will be fucked. Mark Zuckerberg, your American ass is grass.



*Update: Alvin Tan told me on Twitter that I actually have more chances left before Facebook permanently deletes my account; there will be a subsequent 7-day ban, then a final 30-day ban; so hopefully I play my cards right and don’t violate the guidelines another 2 times XD Hate speech still continues on wordpress and other sites though 😀


The Banned anti-singapore fireworks facebook post

The Lee Kuan Yew dollar bill dilemma

I’m just going to call it the Lee Kuan Yew dollar note because Lee Kuan Yew is obviously the distinct feature.

And there are 2 aspects on the incident that I’ll comment on:

1. The really long 4-hour queue to the bank to get those commemorative booklets with those Lee Kuan Yew dollar bills that will be readily available to every Singaporean in a few days.

The initial reaction is wow these people are really wasting their fucking lives, but after a few moments I realized eh… It’s relatively reasonable. The mentality of a excessively frightening hardcore fan is currently elusive to me, though relevant nonetheless.

Of course, I fucking hate Lee Kuan Yew, but putting that aside. If someone is genuinely a fan of the man, and was willing to queue up for that long, it doesn’t seem unnatural. Fans wait infinitely longer for Justin Bieber concerts, like seriously some people literally waited 50 days for Justin Bieber concerts, it’s fucking insane.

A creative person such as myself who values time wouldn’t do such a thing, or participate in any event where an act of showing support is mind numbingly dull.

Which is why I had never really been a fan of the #FreeAmosYee movements in Hong Kong, I don’t see how a person chanting ‘Free Amos Yee’ 154 times would be effective in actually freeing Amos Yee, and if it does have an effect, whether or not that effect will be worth that extent of effort. It seems bloody boring, and noisy.

People like me have infinitely more creative and effective ways to show support. Protesting requires 100s of people. I write a great blog or make a great video, which only requires one person, and that reaches far more people. My method is more efficient and reaches an equal or most of the time, a higher amount of people, but it also requires more of your brain. Though of course everyone has their method of showing support, I’d say my method is smarter, but I wouldn’t be so condescending as to say it’s better.

And 2. The instance where our first president Yusof was spelt incorrently as ‘Yusok’ in the commemorative booklet that came alongside the dollar bills, so the manager decided to print stickers to paste over the letter error.

Notwithstanding that you fucked up on a national scale, why would you be so fucking self-conscious about a spelling mistake? Personally, acceding to my relative mood to orthography, if I did make a grammar or a spelling mistake, which I do multiple times, if it were Facebook or wordpress I’d just directly correct it, if it were a Youtube video I’d put annotations over it, or I’d just simply leave it there because at that moment, I didn’t give a fuck.

And no, the argument that spelling Yusof’s name wrongly is an act of disrespect, is completely ridiculous. The manager didn’t intentionally say, “I fucking hate our first president so much, I’m going to spell his name wrong!”

Of course the manager’s response to this screw-up is primarily due to these ridiculous reactions from internet commentators. You are so self-conscious about these, stupidly exaggerated comments, and the incessant whining and belching of Singaporeans, that you resort to such a stupid action.

And thus I pose a set of questions, all of which I’d answer with a resounding ‘No’:
Do you need to show that extent of remorse? Is that an effective way of showing that self-imposed extent of remorse? Is showing that extent of remorse actually worth this effort? Would a sane person feel obligated to appease a group of fucking idiots that are making a big deal out of this?

If I were you, I wouldn’t even acknowledge I fucked up. People are making a huge deal out of it, but I’m not, and neither should you.

You aren’t me though, and you would at least acknowledge it, and all you had to say was. “Oh crap, we fucked up. Sorry about that’, which you did.

And once you apologized for that mistake, you said and I quote will ‘Make it right’. Make it right? You can’t make something wrong, right, it’s a complete exercise in futility. Pasting that sticker over the letter doesn’t mean you didn’t fuck up. In fact if I were genuinely pissed off about your action, I would say you were trying to cover it up, and because you’re so insecure about making mistakes, making an attempt to cover something up instead of simply accepting your mistake by not trying to cover it up, is something you’re more accustomed to aren’t you? What a pussy.

Why hasn’t anyone at all said “Hi, you fucked up, but it’s fine, you really don’t have to go through all that trouble, it isn’t worth wasting that much fucking time.’

Seriously, right now, you have to spend money to manufacture the stickers, hire people to manufacture the stickers, hire people to transport those stickers, and hire people to paste those stickers.

This is probably how Singapore is renowned for its high employment rates, you create the most useless jobs ever but hi, at least somebody’s able to earn money out of it. It’s almost as pathetic as the old fucks who charge 10 cents to go to public toilets.

I realize it’s a thing with people of a high position of power in government organizations, to spend surplus amounts of money on completely unnecessary shit. You have the flags in our neighborhood and SG50 fishcakes to attest to that.

So ultimately this incident is just a stunningly bleak reveal of how people can be so overtly mean-spirited and sadistic over a simple spelling fuck up, and how stupid, sensitive and excessive someone can react from a simple fuck up. It’s a potent commentary on the by-products of the Singapore educational system in general.

All you guys suck seriously.

*Oh, and also for those who have only been following my blog, and not my Facebook or Youtube. There probably aren’t any, but in the rare instance that there are, videos are being uploaded on my channel, watch them or whatever.

The Lee Kuan Yew dollar bill dilemma

Refutation To The Charges Against Me

Well, as most of you probably know, ever since I uploaded the ‘Lee Kuan Yew is finally dead!’ video, I’ve been put in a cell, charged, deemed guilty and now bailed out. A just law would never have charged me for these crimes, but then again that’s with the assumption that the Judicial system in Singapore is actually just.

Since I’m the person who’s receiving the charges, and am the one who has discussed and thought about it extensively during this period of time, I should be more than capable to refute the charges against me, and I am, so here it is.

As the general public capable of looking at something critically (haha), I urge you not to simply see the matter at it’s surface, but actually contemplate, and use logic to form a judgement on whether or not I should be deemed guilty. Because really If you simply looked at the charge that I uploaded an obscene image on the surface, then yes, I did in fact upload an obscene image, and I would have immediately pleaded guilty. However, once you actually think about what in the context of Singapore, the definition of ‘obscene’, then you find out how seeing things on face-value (an aspect inherent in school) is usually false.

The written charges that were given to me are extremely long-winded, needlessly verbose, and is probably an indication of the inefficiency of the law system in general. Therefore I have paraphrased them. If you want the exact phrasing of these charges, look it up online or it could be mentioned in one of the news reports that about me. Though really, my paraphrasing doesn’t constitute at all to any loss of meaning.

1st charge – Charged for deliberately intending to wound the religious feelings of Christians in general and the feelings of Fong Huiling Pamela, female 26 years old and Lim Zijin, male 27 years old in particular (Section 298 – wounding religious feelings of a person either verbally or through an action) Punishment of up to 3 years, fine or both.

2nd Charge – Charged for insulting Lee Kuan Yew and intending for it to viewed by people who would be distressed by it(Section 4(1)(b) punishable under section 4(2)) Punishment of up to a $5000 fine.

3rd Charge – Charged for uploading an obscene image (Section 292 1(a) – distributes any obscene materials) Punishment of up to 3 months, fine or both

Now I found out that I am the 1st person ever in the history of Singapore to be charged with posting obscene material, and seeing how news of my charges has become international, there would probably be a significant section of my charge in the law book. It’s flattering that news of me would be studied by law students for years to come, though looking seeing how content in school textbooks are characterized by sheer mundanity, I hope they do not bowdlerize it.

The arguments I’m making here are not in any way the ‘script’ my lawyers used in trial, this isn’t verified by any of them, in fact most of this was written before I even met my lawyers. This is just a personal, logical refutation of the charges in my own words. Enjoy!

1. Charged for the intention of wounding religious feelings as well as Pamela and Zijin in particular (Constitutes the most severe sentence of 3 years imprisonment, fine or both)

Firstly, I would like to ask , who the fuck is Pamela and Zijin? I have absolutely no idea who these bitches are. I’m assuming that they are the cunts that managed to make their police report of their dear religion so attractive, so much so that their fucking names have to be blatantly shown on my charge.

I do not know what their hobbies are, what they’re doing now in their lives, whether or not they are ugly as fuck (They probably are) whether or not Zijin is a virgin, or if Pamela has double Ds, the only thing I’m assuming is that they are Christian, with a complete devotion to a fictitious, mass-murdering, sexist, racist, sadomasochistic God, formed by the unrelenting social conditioning of their religious parents ever since they were youths, a constant barrage of threats that they will go to a equally fictitious hell if they ever defile the dear Jesus’ name, wasting copious amounts of time weekly mindlessly singing hymns and listening to soporific sermons.

I do not know at all, who these 2 people are, and even if I did, I never once mentioned their names in the video, how the fuck am I able to deliberately hurt them ‘in particular’. There were 32 police reports filed when my video became viral, so why isn’t there an extensive list of the names of 32 people, what makes Pamela and Zijin so special?

When I first saw this, I was so overwhelmed by how fucking stupid this is. I already knew that the law and police were dumb, but to this extent, I would have never imagined.

This section of the charge, even more so than the rest, is the most ridiculous, it blows my mind on so many levels, and I will not be fucking deemed guilty for this fucking bullshit. And if the judge has the gall to claim that I knew these 2 people and deliberately tried to wound them, I will personally castrate myself, because that could possibly be the only way to ease the pain.

So since this charge has 2 aspects to it (Wounding religious feelings and wounding 2 cunts in particular) is it possible for me to be accountable for half the charge? Would the final sentence therefore be halved if I am deemed guilty for a half-charge?

*Update: The prosecutor did eventually remove the specific names of those 2 people before they found me guilty of this charge. My hope for humanity has been restored*

If you claim that Jesus is malicious, or that priests are deceptive, you don’t necessarily have the intention of promoting ill-will. Like when you say Hitler is malicious, does that mean that you deliberately intended to promote ill-will to people who are anti-Hitler? Just because a piece of work causes ill-will, doesn’t necessarily mean that it was intended to cause ill-will, subtle difference. And the law’s failure to distinct that the effect isn’t necessarily the intent is extremely egregious.

Furthermore, you never charged me for my ‘Refuting Christians with their own Christian bible’ video, and unlike the brief section that criticized Christianity in the Lee Kuan Yew video, this video dealt purely with the religion itself, it’s so obviously more effective in promoting ill-will amongst religious groups. You did include that video in my statement so you obviously acknowledged it . Yet you never charged me for that, thus indicating that the law deems that video as alright. So if that video isn’t considered as ‘intending to wound the religious feelings of Christians’, then why is that little section in the Lee Kuan Yew video deemed so?

Is that section considered harassment only because the LKY video was much more popular? So you’re saying that what is deemed harassment is not by whether or not the content stirs ill-will, but by how many people claim that the video stirred ill-will, what the fuck?!

Whether 1 person is distressed by a murder, or 50 people are distressed by the exact same murder, both murders should be sentenced with the same punishment because if the extent of public outcry somehow dictates the severity of a law, it seems like it can be very easily manipulated, especially in our technological world, where creating the illusion of a great public reception on the net is relatively easy (As can be seen from your Internet Brigades ( and Justin Bieber Instagram followers (

And if the law still unfairly claims that the effect is able to accurately be indicative of an intent, then why didn’t Jason Neo get charged for this? Jason Neo was the dude who took a picture of a bus of black children, and claimed they were terrorists. This sparked public outcry and a long police investigation on the issue. However, up till today, he still hasn’t been charged for intending to promote ill-will amongst religious groups even though, at least in relation of this inane mindset of effect equating to intent, he did.

Is it because Jason is a member of the ruling party and I’m not, which is why he got charged and I didn’t? Well no where in the law book did you say that politicians are exempted from the law. So they are? Wow, that isn’t liable to abuse at all. I’m really glad that Lee Hsien Loong is allowed to run naked on the streets singing ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’.

If your definition of ‘intending to promote ill-will amongst religious feelings’ is consistent and politicians aren’t exempted from the law (And yet you complain that people call Singapore a dictatorship), since Jason Neo wasn’t charged, then I too shouldn’t have been charged, and even more so, be deemed guilty.

2. Refutation of insulting Lee Kuan Yew and intending for it to be viewed by people who will be distressed by it

*The charge currently withheld by the Prosecutor though since it might be brought up again since I’d unprivatized my videos, and once again with the semblance that the law is consistent (Haha), they should*

Now, I would like to ask, how in the world are you able to accurately claim the existence of an intended purpose of a content-creator. Unless you have some sort mind-reading device, somehow I don’t think that you can.

Let me tell you that never in the process of conceptualizing to editing, did I ever acknowledge an intended purpose of making this video. Do you really think that I’m cackling in a corner all day, constantly trying to conjure up the most effective ways to piss people off? Saying ‘First Singapore, then Asia, then the world’?

The truth of the matter is that most content-creators, at least the good ones, ironically don’t acknowledge or aren’t really concerned with their intended purpose or target audience, at least consciously, because it doesn’t really affect the work and neither should it, you just produce the piece of work.

I’m sure everyone, at some point in time whether they were a kid or an adult, had drawn a picture of the sun. Now before or when you’re drawing it, do you ever honestly think ‘Oh! I want to impress middle-aged adults with my drawing of this sun’, or ’I intend to promote feelings of joy and satiation with my representation of this sun’, no, you just draw the fucking sun!

And also in relation to several exemplars in the past, Anton Casey definitely distressed the public and fans of public transport, when he made his comment about ‘wiping the stench of public transport’. Similarly Amy Cheong who criticized Malay weddings for their length and implied that it constituted to a high divorce rate. Both of their words constituted to a large public outcry, and what I’m assuming the law deems as ‘distress’. Those 2 eventually lose their jobs, but they weren’t charged though. Why not?

Is it because I do not have a job to lose therefore you feel the need to charge me? Is that a criteria that is written in the law book that people who do not have jobs to lose should cause the prosecutor to be more compelled to issue a charge? I don’t see that anywhere.

Am I being charged because the distress was catalyzed from insulting a supposedly loved figure? Well once again, the law didn’t say anything about how this charge relates to the distress caused specifically by insulting a public figure. I think there should be some form of prejudice equality, and you should charge me for intending to distress school students ( and Hunger games fans ( as well.

It seems like it’s either the law is pulling all these criterias out their asses and inserting them into the law book as we speak, or they’re just being biased, and are able to get away with it because they have a high position of power. The latter argument seems quite convincing.

3. Charged for obscene imagery

I was also charged for posting an obscene image (The picture of Lee Kuan Yew buttfucking Margaret Thatcher). I had absolutely no idea that there such a law. And I think that it would be perfectly reasonable if I were to ask, how the fuck would I know?

When I was in Secondary 3 and 4, I studied Romeo and Juliet for English literature and in that play, there are several references to rape, sex, anal etcetera. Teachers explain the meaning and implications of these sexual references on a daily basis, and students are required to study them. Not only that, they are rewarded higher marks if they are able to more effectively articulate the depth of Gregory’s boasts about the massive size of his schlong.

Furthermore, E.L. James’ 50 shades of grey is also readily available in popular bookstores and sold to the general public, I myself have bought a copy. Although there is a little indication on the cover that says that this material might not be suitable for younger readers, a rating or a warning that claims that a book is obscene, doesn’t at all make it less obscene now doesn’t it?

I also distinctly remembered that when I was in Secondary 2, I borrowed a book called ‘The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty’ by Anne Rice, from our very own public national library, if you dug out my library records you’d probably find the evidence. Unfortunately though, the book has already been taken down from the official NLB catalogue, so maybe in lieu of this law, they did their job, though unlike the banning of the book about homosexual penguins, this wasn’t announced to the public. So if that obscene book isn’t around anymore, then why is obscene material still taught in schools?

Does the word obscene only apply to images? Well the law that I’m being charged for says ‘obscene material’ so I’m guessing all pornographic books, films etcetera should be banned too right? And I think, at least if we’re being objective, a single pornographic image would be deemed less obscene compared to over 500 pages of pornographic writing. Why is my picture deemed obscene while the others aren’t?

Is it because the previous cases of obscene material was not reported while mine was? The law never claimed public opinion or the scale of public reaction dictates the relative level of obscenity, and if whether or not something is deemed obscene is dictated by the public, then once again, it seems very easy to manipulate.

If I hire 15 people to file police reports and ask them to create a multitude of anonymous accounts to stimulate a public outcry online about the Romeo and Juliet being placed in schools, does that mean that every secondary school English literature teacher is going to be arrested?

Is my image considered obscene and not the others because I used once living faces of figures as opposed to fictitious ones? So if Singaporeans posted Mario’s grand italian dick rubbing against Rosalina’s clitoris on the moon, that would be fine?

And how do you actually quantify obscene? Would you consider pornographic writing less obscene compared to pornographic images? Is something that is just a little bit obscene not be deemed obscene, even though it is still obscene?

I’m assuming that if there’s a law that so adamantly claims that the posting of obscene imagery is illegal, all books and materials that are obscene should be banned in Singapore? And if not, then I shouldn’t be liable for this charge.

In conclusion

So I explained, that even in relation to these inane law, I should not be deemed guilty for all of my charges. Unless the judicial system, the advocators of the law, is in fact, unlawful, which they are, but you know… there’s frequently hope that they wouldn’t be.

These laws are unnecessary, inane, and I also found out, unjustly placed without any fair or careful deliberation in parliament whatsoever. And because of that, people like me have to be victims of it.

And yes, to the chagrin of numerous people, I have not ‘learnt my lesson’, nor do I see any ‘lesson’ that needs to be learnt.If you are going to try to tower over me and say that you know something important that that I don’t, make sure you have a compelling argument for that. And if your lessons are borne from a corrupt, archaic Government lead by primitive monkeys, living under Dwayne Johnson (Thank you F.F.), then sorry if I doubt the credibility of your quote unquote ‘lessons’.

Hopefully history eventually vindicates me. But as of now, district judge Jasvender Kaur has deemed me guilty and the Prosecutor does in fact feel, that 30 months of a place worst than Prison (RTC) should be given to a boy who has posted an internet video.

Unless you do in fact relish in my misery, I hope both of you will be able to sleep at night, and live with the fact that right now, as it is written in the annals of history, my blood is on your hands.

Refutation To The Charges Against Me

The Banned Pink Dot Facebook Post

I am appalled, I am truly appalled, I have not been shocked to such an extent since the time Boyhood lost to Birdman for Best Picture. My Pink Dot Facebook post, was removed.

At around 8pm, 24th May 2015, in lieu of the upcoming Pink Dot, the event that celebrates gay rights and the freedom to love, I criticized the deplorable reactions of Christians towards the event, and the delusional nature of their religion in general. It was sardonic and exceptionally scathing. On 25th May 2015, somewhere around 11pm, the post was removed.

Here is the original Facebook post, in all it’s hate speech glory:

So in lieu of the upcoming event that is Pink Dot, fundamentalist Christian cunts have gone onto Facebook and tried to hope for the worst possible things to happen on that day, huge rainstorms, Jesus to open their eyes to their horrid sexual orientation, pray the gay away, as they say, the assonance is remarkable.

So let’s imagine, that we are in some kind of alternate reality, and all the bullshit in the Christian bible is for real.

And if that’s the case, then yes, we should condemn all the fucking gays and lesbian demons from ever having existed, those unnatural homosexual spawns of satan:

‘If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
-Leviticus 20:13

However, later on in the bible, God also tells us to:

Not wear clothes of mixed fabric:

‘Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woollen and linen together.’
-Deuteronomy 20:11

To hate our families:

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.
-Luke 14:26

And in all circumstances, not to save money:

‘Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal’
– Matthew 6:19

So which verses do I follow? Oh my gosh I’m so confused. I mean the priest obviously takes and saves a lot of money, that church seems really fucking big.

As an Athiest,I have the luxury of not having to deal with all this shit, but for Christians, you guys must be stressed as fuck, which words of God do you follow? You guys aren’t following the words of god aren’t you, you’re just following whatever the hell you guys want and saying that it’s the word of God.

Ah hah, I got you there Christians, you can’t fucking hide from me.


When the post was taken down, with an irresponsibility that is truly frightening for an international social networking site, Facebook did not provide a single reason to why my post was removed.

Once I went onto Facebook, there was just a message that said:

Your Facebook post has been removed:

(The Facebook post shown, for some reason having absolutely no paragraphs)

And then a button on the right, that said either ‘next’ or ‘ok’, I forgot. I clicked it,was directed to my home page and that was it. That post was gone, woosh, just like that, like an angel’s kiss.

Every comment on that Facebook post is completely gone, and no where in my Facebook account do I have any indication that my post was removed, nor do I have any access to that post.

If somebody had written directly on Facebook and had his writing removed, if you did not copy and paste that post when they showed it to you confirming that it was removed, you would not have any copy or access to it ever again. I am dead fucking serious. Thankfully for me, I wrote that piece originally on Microsoft word, so I didn’t lose it.

My fellow friends, the night is dark and full of terror.


Now since Facebook didn’t provide a reason why they took down my post, I had to find it myself. So I perused the Facebook community standards, and found out that the most likely reason Facebook so unabashedly removed my post, was probably due to hate speech.

In the section titled ‘Respectful’ behavior, I am culpable for creating hate speech, in this case specifically, directly attack people with a religious affiliation (i.e. Christians).

Under the section it says that people ‘dedicated to promoting hatred against these protected groups are not allowed a presence on Facebook’

However, it then goes on to say: ‘People can use Facebook to challenge ideas, institutions, and practices. Such discussion can promote debate and greater understanding.’

Are you just shocked, at the hypocrisy of that statement? It is very clear, that these are the type of people who claims that they have freedom of speech, without actually understanding what it is.

This might be quite revelatory to some, but I do like to point out, that it’s absolutely fucking delusional to say that you are able to challenge ideas and institutions, without promoting hate.

You do know that the core of freedom of speech is basically immunity to any punishment, no matter how offensive or harmful your words are. And if somebody gets emotionally scarred or causes a riot because of my content. That is their problem, not mine. And in spite of what a law or any other person might think, I will not take any responsibility for it.

It’s a complete contradiction and completely naïve, to say that you can challenge ideas, without having hate speech.

And yes of course I will be hateful towards Christians. A huge religious cult responsible for causing centuries of violence, a sickening numbers of deaths, inflicting fear and intimidation to generations of children, persecuting homosexuals up to this day. I’m assuming that hatred would be quite a natural reaction.
The hypocrisy is heightened to a piercing degree when you find out that Mark Zuckerberg is an advocate of Freedom of speech, or at least what he deems to be Freedom of speech, speaking up for it in lieu of the Charlie Hebdo incident.

Against Censorship bills, he said:

The internet is the most powerful tool we have for creating a more open and connected world. We can’t let poorly thought-out laws get in the way of the internet’s development

And here you are, using these poorly-thought laws, that you so boldly condemned. It’s amazing how so many people who attain power and wealth become hypocrites.

And when asked if Facebook would break the law in countries where free speech is restricted, to defend those principles. Like most politicians, when faced with hard questions, Mark doesn’t actually answer the question, but instead goes on a mindless ramble, saying:

‘And the problem is if you break the law in a country, then oftentimes that country will just block the whole service entirely’

However, for Singapore, in it’s attempt to create the façade that it is a democratic country, so that Lee Hsien Loong has a wider array of international dicks to suck, did not shut down the entire service despite me breaking the law. So what about that Mark? Are you still willing to defend those principles that you so boldly hold. Because from what happened to me, it seems you obviously aren’t.

Of course like Mark Zuckerberg, many people are culpable of explaining the tenets of Freedom of Speech, without actually having them. Lee Kuan Yew was of course one such person:

“There is nothing to prevent you from pushing your propaganda, to push your programme out to the students or with the public at large…and if you can carry the ground, if you are right, you win. That’s democracy.” – Lee Kuan Yew 2005

He then proceeded to ban Wired magazine completely from our country, when one of the writers wrote that Singapore was ‘Disneyland with the death penalty’.

These people really don’t understand what freedom of speech is, don’t they? And you’re the guys with the positions of power and the degrees, don’t let the 17-year-old school dropout seem like the more knowledgeable one.


Another reason why I think my post was taken down is because of what I predict to be a voluminous number of reports sent to Facebook.

Because really, if it was one or just a few reports, Facebook would probably have not even noticed, but because Christians are commonly noted to have a considerable amount of sand in their vaginas, they would be quite posthaste in showing their collective displeasure.

There could have genuinely been a large number of fundamentalists who reported my post but because these reports I’m assuming are primarily done on the internet, it does cast a shroud of doubt on me.

Given the fact that I’m am not politically-savvy, at least not yet, and also the fact that the Government has been relatively effective at making resources apropos to Singapore politics scarce, because if the population was actually provided real information on what the Government is doing, they would definitely have been voted out by now, Roy Ngerng acts as a great political consultant. And he revealed to me that there exists a government-run group called the IB (Internet brigade), who are basically a bunch of committee cunts on the internet bent on spreading the Government’s bullshit propaganda (Roy didn’t express it that vulgarly, but you get the point).

He even provided me a link showing me blatant evidences of the actions of the IB, here you go:

Roy also revealed to me, the true nature of the national response to our content. Because of course we acknowledge that our content seems to receive massive hatred from the Singaporean public.
Roy had tracked down the IP addresses of some of his fellow commentators and found out that the IP address of several of his haters, were the same.

So the Government is basically stimulating a huge public outcry towards dissidents, making it seem like the public hatred to our content is much bigger than what it actually is. And thus gain the side of a significant portion of Singaporean conformist cunts that dictate their decisions based on a majority opinion, instead of actual logic and evidence.

Like the fake number of twitter followers of Justin Bieber, that might be completely unsurprising to some. What surprised me however, was that it wasn’t an entertainment industry that was responsible for this, but actual politicians that run our country.

I am serious, there is literally a person who works for the government all day, creating hundreds of fake accounts, and using those accounts to post thousands of hate mail, so that the police have a greater reason to charge someone for harassment or sedition.

That is not only a horrible, but even worst, a boring job, and this IB could have been slightly responsible for my post being taken down.

And now, I know many people would complain that Roy is in the side of the opposition and therefore whatever he says is untrue, Roy is making use of you, blah blah blah…. This probably stems from PAP fanatics being butthurt that Singapore dissidents are working together, and increasing in numbers quite rapidly.
Roy is not at all biased, he is quite objective. It might seem like an epiphany to some when I say that if you look at both sides of the argument, and once you do, you lean heavily towards one of them ,you are still being objective, however many people confuse that for biasness.

I would also like to say that if you’re going to claim that the graphs and statistics presented in my Lee Kuan Yew video is false, make sure you actually prove it.

The hate mail is innumerable but up till now I have not seen one substantiated refutation that the facts that I (Or actually Roy, because he was the one who had the stats on his blog) had presented in the video is false.
So yeah, it’s one thing to say that someone is wrong, it’s another to actually prove it, because it’s very easy you to be presented facts that you don’t like to hear, and say that it’s false, people have been doing that with Jesus for years.


Thankfully my Facebook post is still able to be re-posted and viewed online here, because from what I see, since wordpress is an avenue for personal blogs, there is no button or place where you can report a post, nor are there any community standards.

Though if in the most egregious instant, the unlikely occasion happens where even my WordPress post is taken down, then at least one of you, dedicated in preserving my eminence, will copy, paste or take several screenshots of this blog post, and post it online yourselves, where numerous other people will continue to be able to see it. It’s the fucking internet, you can’t ever permanently remove something, especially if you’re popular.

I’m extremely pissed off. I love Facebook, it’s my favorite social networking site, I don’t even use Twitter at all, in fact as some of you are probably aware, I set up the function where every time I post something on Facebook, it automatically links to Twitter. People who aren’t fans of Facebook, knowing that I posted loads of stuff on Facebook, created a Facebook account just to follow me.

And for an international company not bounded by the stringent archaic laws of our nation, made by primitive monkeys, I mean you can tell when the prosecutor said that obscene imagery like the one I posted is not tolerated on the internet, and it could probably take 100 or 200 years for it to be accepted, and I’m the guy who’s the anti-social introvert and should grow up, apparently to the judge and the prosecutor maturity comes from living under a rock. To do this kind of thing, I am truly disappointed.

In Singapore, of course my brand of content would be banned and taken down, because as you can see from Jasvender Kaur’s decision when she deemed me guilty, unlike what the constitution says, there isn’t any freedom of speech in Singapore, I’m about to be sent to jail for an internet video, ‘to build a democratic society’ my ass.

Thankfully, Singapore can’t and isn’t running a social media site that is used by billions of people all around the world. Facebook is though, and this shines light on the fact which Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange revealed, that in several countries all over the world that deem themselves as ‘democratic’, there are elements of fascism still quite prevalent in major world powers. And like several instances in history, the people who are living in that time, do not notice it. So please notice it.

And of course, I’m not the only one. Apparently there are a voluminous number of people who like me, have been violently fucked in the ass by Facebook’s censorship, with several groups formed opposing Facebook’s suppression of speech.

There is even a petition with over 5000 signatures, so this issue concerning censorship by Facebook, is quite prevalent. Though I am not going to follow the final criteria of the petition that says: ‘We will seek and make new homes on true social networks and encourage our friends, family and followers to join us on them.’
I’m not going to entirely stop using Facebook. I mean I’m pissed off with Facebook, but not pissed off to the extent that I’ll stop using it and switch to more mediocre social networking sites. Can I still sign the petition? Eh fuck it, I’ll just do it. And plus the people who set up that petition, ‘PeopleOverpolitics’ are in fact still using Facebook so…

Right now I’m relatively fearful, because if in any future cases I post something that supposedly violates the Facebook community guidelines, which as you can see from my brand of content I probably will, I could potentially be blocked for 30 days, or in what is deemed as severe cases, even permanently.

Mark Zuckerberg, I really liked you, I absolutely loved ‘The Social Network’, but the fact your company condones this, and you approved it, I am absolutely horrified.

Until I attain the resources to create a website, a Facebook page is the closest thing I’ll have to one, and for such an incident to happen, I am feeling both vulnerable and violated.

To quote Eric Cartman; “You’re breaking my balls dude… You’re breaking my balls’

Links in lieu of Facebook’s notoriety of fucking freedom of speech in the ass:
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The Banned Pink Dot Facebook Post