I do not want the chestnuts Amos Yee minimovie to be made

I do not want people to donate to the indiegogo campaign fund launched by Chestnuts, for the making of the AmosYee mini-movie; I do not want that minimovie to be made; it probably would be made in some form, whether or not they raise that 25 thousand dollars, I hope it doesn’t though.

Now initially, I wanted to distance myself from this news, and not even talk about it, because of course, criticizing something brings awareness to it(And I should know, haha), and even though Mothership and YahooNews already reported it, the indiegogo fund still has really low donations, and I wanted to keep it that way, so I thought mentioning it would help them generate more donations.

However, I then realised, that a huge portion of the people who’d probably donate, are fans of me, and if I complain about it, I’d prevent many of them from wasting their money. And I’m also thinking, no way would my haters donate to this campaign to spite me, because the extent of their mindless hatred will only amount to the occasional bad arguments and ‘fuck you Amos Yee’.

Ultimately, though I raise awareness to this campaign, I might be able to significantly reduce the donations in these 34 days, or it might have the opposite effect who knows. Anyways, I’m taking the risk, and hopefully it has the effect I want.

So from their little pitch ‘Help us make this movie about a boy that went too far and a system that went even further.’ It’s obvious that they’re not fans of my work, and they shouldn’t be, they probably don’t understand 60% of it.

The story of my video and my imprisonment is one of, if not the most compelling and fascinating story to come out from Singapore, and they do not have the skill to do the story justice. I guarantee, they’re just going to make me into this annoying american stereotype, incessantly making jokes about my American accent, thinking that they’re doing something funny, dumbing down an absolutely fascinating character and story filled with intrigue and nuance, into an atrocious piece of trash you call entertainment. Do you guys have any integrity towards the source material? You might as well let Uwe Boll make a movie about Gandhi.

They will not anything special about my story; they are just going to repeat the same opinion held by thousands of simple-minded Singaporeans who laughably think that they’re saying something original, when they aren’t; the claim that ‘he was very rude in his delivery, but the Government should not have sent him to jail for it’.

No where, will they explore, the genuinely unique opinions about me, like: ‘not only did he criticize the Government, he also broke many boundaries in terms of presenting political rhetoric, when he used vulgar language, it’s quite amazing.’ Or: ‘he’s not a one-trick pony, other than criticizing Lee Kuan Yew, looking at both his older works and his new ones, he has many great and original things to say, and will continue doing so.’ (And yes to the chagrin of my haters and the Government, I know you’re pretty pissed off that I’m not a one-trick pony. A one-trick pony makes one viral video, but not only do I have ‘Lee Kuan Yew is finally dead’, but ‘National Day sucks’, ‘PAP king manipulators’. How many viral videos have I made? Like 5?) Or the view that I am an absolute creative genius and as Nathan Heller pointed out, could very well be the contemporary Voltaire. And you’re probably going to try to criticize me by saying that I’m just calling these opinions original because they portray me in a good light. But really, it isn’t arrogant or surprising to say, every original opinion about me should be flattering, because the fact of the matter is I am brilliant.

And Chestnuts is going fool stupid Singaporeans (ie majority of the population) to think that they’re saying something original, just because they made it into a musical by parodying pop songs that are as wretched as them. Just because you sing stupidity doesn’t mean it isn’t stupid.

And that actor that’s going to play me, god damn, you’re not going to see a performance more cringeworthy this year than seeing that asshole portray me. The only preparation he probably did to rehearse for that part was hitting himself on the head. Only people who are brainless twits (ie the majority of the population) and idiots from mothership would say that this talentless nitwit ‘does a pretty convincing job (Jeanette from mothership is a very sad, dissatisfied, insecure cunt, and from the many 3rd-rate articles she has written about me, especially the one about my biography, I can tell that she’s really jealous of me. If you want to air your opinions written during your menstrual cycle, I think you should consider a career other than journalism).

One of the greatest modern thinkers and political dissidents in Singapore, and one of the most fascinating and unique person in the world (I know), is going to be reduced to an attention-seeking, loud-mouthed spoilt brat (and don’t respond to this line thinking you’re smart and made a tremendous burn when you really didn’t, with a comment like ‘isn’t that exactly who you are?’; I’m way ahead of you bitch).

The fucking gall for these group of idiots to think they have the skills to tackle my story; the fucking gall for YahooNews to imply that I would collaborate with these talentless hacks on this cesspool of a production; I might as well call  Jack Neo to ask him for a cameo in Ah Boys To Men 4, I’m sure he would like to continue his director’s trademark of exploiting famous Youtube Celebrities for higher gross revenue; thank god the director of this ‘Amos Yee’ minimovie, didn’t involve me in their shit production, I’d TP their set.

Now the biggest reason, why people would donate to help fund this piece of shit, is that if this mini-movie gets made, it will piss the MDA and Government off. Wow, chestnuts managed to circumvent the system, and be free to make something the Government doesn’t like by doing it on the internet, and I think they mentioned that realisation came after being partly inspired by me; hahaha, you know out of all the brilliant things I’ve done, my choice of platform to criticize the Government, is one of my lesser accomplishments; you can make videos online criticizing the Government, and that allows you to be completely free from the censorship of the MDA? WOW! WHY HAVEN’T I THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE? You have to be fucking retarded to not have realised that; members from opposition parties, are fucking retarded. Instead of starting a Youtube channel, making weekly Youtube videos, exposing the flaws of the Government all year round, they continue letting PAP be the only ones proliferating their bullshit propaganda daily, and then only wait till election period to give uninspired, boring campaign speeches for 1 week, expecting people to come to their side. No wonder they lost the elections, stupid fucks.

The fact of the matter is (and I should very well know, haha), that this project would not have gained as much attention if it didn’t piss the Government off. It’s similar to Sonny Liew’s ‘The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye’, which I’m probably the only few people who owns a copy of it and actually read it (thanks Sonny for sending me a free copy, if anytime is possible, I’d like to buy Doctor Fate :D); the only difference is that ‘The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye’ was actually pretty fucking good; this play by chestnuts however, won’t be; it will fucking suck.

And please don’t pseudo-intellectually retort, ‘You haven’t even watched the full movie, how would you know that it would suck?’ You can, because if let’s say you see a movie trailer by Jack Neo coupled with racial stereotype jokes, or a trailer with lots of explosions that says ‘directed by Micheal Bay; I think without watching the full movie, it would be safe to assume that it will fucking suck.

In wanting to anger PAP don’t let these groups of assholes do it. It’s very embarrassing to our side. I know you really want to piss the Government off, but please do maintain some self-respect, jesus.

If you thought I would like this campaign, or actually donated because you thought I would want this movie to be made, you should throw yourself off a building you’re so dumb. My fanbase is(should be), more intelligent than that, so if you actually donated to this campaign to try to show support for me, I renounce you as a fan; go over to wahbanana.

Fucking dumbasses who spent money on this shit, instead you should take that money, and send it to my paypal (amosyee@gmail.com), support content-creators with actual talent instead of these talentless hacks.

I’m fucking disgusted of people who are able to accept absolute trash, simply because it is critical of our shit Government. It’s like the play Public enemy, it’s a pretentious, long-winded, pompous piece of shit, that had a good audience reaction and good reviews, because the reviewers were as talentless as the creators, and the play was anti-Government.

I think in wanting to piss the Government off, there should be an amount of quality assurance in doing so, otherwise what’s the point? If the work that criticises the Government is bland and unoriginal, it’s not going to be effective anyways; which is why Chee Soon Juan spent more than 20 years making speeches, and yet a 17-year-old boy makes 1 Lee Kuan Yew video, and creates more of an impact than Chee Soon Juan ever did.

People like Jack Neo, chestnuts and the entirety of mediacorp, provide dumb entertainment, for the dumb population, and think that they’re actually contributing to society under the guise of raising awareness and encouraging others to think critically about social issues; when ironically they’re doing the exact opposite; how would you encourage people to be critical when you recycle already existing, redundant opinions, and then lower the population’s IQ with your horrible actors and storylines? These quote unquote ‘artists’, will become completely irrelevant in a decade, just like the Justin Biebers and Taylor swifts of our time, and when they do, I wouldn’t even bother laughing because by then, I will not give a solitary fuck, and neither will you.

Fuck chestnuts, and fuck this ‘Amos Yee’ minimovie, I want all of you to boycott the campaign, mock everyone who donated, and if the mini-movie does come out, dislike the video, make fun of all the people involved in the production, and feel no qualms in criticizing the shit out of it, because it will very well deserve it.

More freedom of speech will inevitably allow more pieces of shit like this to be made, but what I want Freedom of speech for speech for, is to provide a wider platform for people to produce quality work. So when you advocate freedom of speech, aim for a platform not to air opinions freely, but to air, good opinions freely; not fucking crap, like this Chestnuts mini-movie. Have fun!

I do not want the chestnuts Amos Yee minimovie to be made

6 thoughts on “I do not want the chestnuts Amos Yee minimovie to be made

  1. Etsuko Uesugi says:

    Legal action need to be done, even defamation suit to make money out of it, besides Chestnuts needs to pay to Amos Yee to use any of his Videos for the based on Amos Yee’s profile and so on to make mini movie without permission??? if agree to pay? there will be a collaboration.


  2. Bryan Koh says:

    Singapore’s entertainment is shit. I bet you whatever entertainment that is made in Singapore isn’t anything compared to the movies directed by Michael Bay, Stephen Spielberg and Riley Scott.

    For this production by Chestnuts, I shall insult to say that they are nothing but nutjobs trying to act as stereotypes so that haters can suck their dicks.

    They have no right to make this production unless they have your permission, and obviously you wouldn’t want them to do it. So if they were to produce such a shitty musical without your permission, you will have all the means to sue every one of them.


  3. Mariah says:

    “The story of my video and my imprisonment is one of, if not the most compelling and fascinating story to come out from Singapore, and they do not have the skill to do the story justice”..

    I sincerely hope it was sarcasm on your part to make that statement. Since it’s more like the most ridiculous story of an attention hungry teen who got into trouble with the law. That was blown out of proportion by the media. Congrats, you got your 15 seconds of fame, but now it’s time to move on and face irrelevancy once again.


  4. Anesa says:

    I pity those ‘majority of Singaporeans’ you speak of, seeing them trying their hardest to find something in this island to be prideful for. It’s infuriating to see people classified as the citizens for the highest IQ in the world unsee something so evident; our government. They’ve been doing the weakest manipulation acts, it’s a huge giveaway.


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