Chee Soon Juan’s Blunder In The Singapore Elections Debate

Last night in the general elections debate, Lawrence from PAP attacked SDP’s Chee Soon Juan, by bringing up the matter that more than 10 years ago, Chee Soon Juan had been charged for presenting wrong statistics in a report, and never acknowledged that mistake in public.

It was very much issued as an ad hominem attack when Lawrence was lacking an argument, and yes it was used as an underhand tactic in public television when the debaters from PAP were completely void of cogent points to the discussed topics at all, but that doesn’t mean that what Lawrence said was untrue.

From the information I’ve gathered, all opposition parties do not know the specifics of the government spending, but Chee Soon Juan presented a healthcare report that made him seem like he was completely aware of the specifics, and thus he presented some wrong statistics in that report and was able to be charged and sentenced for it.
Yes it is unfair that withholds information about Government spending from everyone other than themselves, and yes there shouldn’t be a law is able to charge you for producing wrong information.

But nonetheless, it is true that Chee Soon Juan got charged for producing a false report, and never acknowledged that mistake in public, so Lawrence was able to mention that and walk all over him, and when Chee Soon Juan had a chance to make a response, he tried to cover it up!

All Chee Soon Juan had to say when Lawrence mentioned that incident in response was, “Oh yes I screwed up that time. Sorry about that haha. Hopefully I don’t make sure a mistake again in the future”. That was it, and PAP will never be able to effectively use that against him, ever again.

You opposition members gotta be honest with your mistakes, there’s no shame in admitting them, then you wouldn’t be accused by the PAP for trying to cover up information, and that’s how you guys can gain can more effectively advocate that ‘transparency’, you blame the Government lacks oh so much.

Chee Soon Juan’s Blunder In The Singapore Elections Debate

17 thoughts on “Chee Soon Juan’s Blunder In The Singapore Elections Debate

  1. Dw says:

    By admitting he was wrong, PAP will always be able to pick on it. “Dr Chee, you were wrong about this in the past, what makes you so confident you are right this round?” PAP strength I feel is that they worked hard to ensure that they do not get their facts wrong. Or even if it was, it isn’t discovered or challenged. I’ve only remember hearing one apology from PAP last GE & that’s not for wrong stats or facts. It’s an apology for wounded Singaporean feelings (cannot really remember). & that won many political points. And PAP followed up with that apology with improving Singaporean lives. The moment Dr Chee presented wrong stats, it will definitely be used as a political barb. To admit it, would make things worse, it is admitting you are not reliable. That’s why Dr Chee had to try to mitigate the damage.


  2. candy siewchuen says:

    Dear Amos
    Take note of these below

    …..enabled to be charged ……

    …it is unfair to withhold information ….

    …enabled to charge you ….

    … a chance to respond.. (you don’t have to make one )

    ….. I make sure I don’t make a mistake again in the future ..

    ..guys can more effectively advocate that ‘ transparency’……. (may be they can gain point or credulity)

    I come to know you from your LKY video. I find you articulate, eloquent and ‘rock’ with vocab. I have been following your blogs since and looks like ‘hooked’ to your videos.

    But my main interest is to learn your English which is stylish, hip. I am learning.

    I am neither English professional nor expert. Forgive me if I am wrong with the above. I am sorry.

    Are you alright when you are writing? Are you sure you are not tired? A little of common English usage seems not so right.

    Your interest in public issue is commendable and your comment enlightening. Good


  3. feihong-xueni says:

    So, n years later, Amos is running for election, and appears on TV debate.
    Lawrence is one of the opposition members on the show, and he fires at Amos “..and Amos you are charged and found guilty of making offensive remarks against Christianity and for circulating obscene imagery. Am I not right?”
    And Amos reply, “Oh yes I screwed up that time. Sorry about that haha. Hopefully I don’t make the mistake again in the future”

    Haha.. and good luck to you, Amos.


  4. Chicken Egg says:

    Amos, you do not understand the thing that Lawrence said about Chee.

    Way back then, there is such thing as internet or handphone that are so advanced in technology.

    In the dark ages, any horrible monsters can just accuse Amos of raping a corpse and jail him for it.
    Everybody will believe it to be true.


  5. salle says:

    Dear Singapore boy-wonder, why are you so hard on Dr Chee? Hhhmmm I think you admire him ehhh and that is why you are highly critical of him? Keep up your posts and hope your seniors would vote the opposition in so that your rights are better protected from the PAP police state. Good night.


  6. J. C. T. Y. says:

    You know orh, usually we Singaporeans look like not clever during election time, but I tell you: we sibeh clever, only the goverment thinks we not interested.
    The PAP party con us for so many years already. I tell you: must stop bluffing ourselves. I write liddat only because I want to remind you that PAP always pretend they are better than other asian countries, because they maintain ‘english education’ in singapore. What a joke. When I went overseas for the first time, no angmoh understand my english. Okay, the westerners understand a bit here and there, but I still bloody embarassed, because my accent and pronounsiation sound like sai!
    The PAP always group people into rankings: stupid people (the PAP gowmen say we are stupid, not that we are really stupid), average people, and elite people. These PAP arrogant jerks believe in EVOLUTION. So they believe that some people deserve to be thrown aside, based on ‘stupidity’. PAP thinks that some people are superior stuff and other people are inferior ITE or poly stuff.
    They PAP elites are the greatest con of history. People’s Action Party is devil’s party.
    This party belongs to the anti-god mentality. Atheist. Those ‘socialist’ ‘democrat’ abortion people: ya lah, PAP loh! WHERE GOT A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY? PAP is a liar! You put people in woodbridge or into jail just because they have their own party and use their voice and head to think outside the box. PAP! You are exactly like those americans who aborte babies, bully blacks, then walk around very happily because you believe there is no god in this world.
    You keep all the money to yourself and make ordinary singaporeans work like ox and donkeys, then you file us into pigeon holes at night, but your HDB blocks are cheap skate and use third class materials. Then you do what, you drive BMW and live in bungalows and fly overseas like you are the king of the world.
    Oi! This time, the people of singapore are the real king. On the voting day, I will not choose PAP. If enough Singaporeans avoid PAP, then Singapore will have a new future. Remember, I write in so kiamchai english to purposely show that we Singapore have not become as modern as PAP claim. PAP does not love the people and always reserve the best resources for themselves. When is singapore education going to improve to even the canadian standard? How come PAP teach English in a kiamchai way for 50 years?
    People of Singapore, reject the elites! If you have a choice, you must make a proper choice.


  7. The Working Class says:

    Sup Amos, keep the good fight coming. Resist and exist. Power is poison.
    Too bad only a handful of us, just a handful that are against the oppressive actions of the govt.
    We will fight nonetheless.


  8. Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    22 September 2015 Tuesday 1:35 PM Singapore Time


  9. Common Sense says:

    My message to Yee. There’s more than just yakking a lot for a longtime in your juvenile age. Like. getting a decent hair cut, gaining some weight, getting in shape, getting a girlfriend, getting a nice pair of jeans.and doing what a normal teenager does, the list. goes on. And to others who hates the kid, please refrain yourself. I’ve seen excerpts of his video for about 3 minutes (all that i can spare) the kid walk, talks, and acts like a 17 years old home alone. Nothing serious. Nothing special. As for the media circus, legal matters etc, everyone has to break a leg to make a living. Lastly, to the Lee’s, I’m a new resident of Singapore and had seen all the street signs, plenty of em’ but there seems to be one big sign missing for everyone to see. “SMILE”. I mean, Dad scared the hell out of these people for 50 years! Lighten up! Don’t mind the kid he’ll grow up someday and figure out things on his own and how it really works.


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