Why Singapore Is A Dictatorship

Singapore is without a doubt a dictatorship. Singapore does not at all value freedom of thought or expression. The Singapore Government wants to control all its citizens

The People’s Action Party (PAP), has been the political party that has won every election and has ruled over Singapore for the past 50 years, they have 93% of the seats in parliament. And that’s not because PAP is genuinely the better party that most Singapore citizens in a perfectly democratic society voted for out of their own honest, free choice for 50 years. The Singapore Government has enacted many laws to reduce the ability of opposing figures to spread their political views so as to silent as much political dissent as possible. Other than alternative news sites on the internet, opposing voices clearly lack avenues to promote their ideas compared to the rulers

PAP controls the entire mass media and makes it illegal for people to distribute their own newspapers until they get a permit from the Government. The opposition aren’t allowed to print newspapers or conduct public news broadcasting on Singapore television

Non-violent public protests, which have obviously been very effective forms of promoting and creating change in a society as seen in instances like Martin Luther King Jr’s Civil Rights March or the 1969 public protest against the Vietnam War. Non-violent protests are completely illegal in Singapore except at one small spot in Hong Lim Park beside a police station that you need to apply for a government permit to be able to carry out events. A pretty laughable human joke

Strikes, which is when a mass number of workers refuse to go to work to act as a protest against unfair wages or awful working conditions are completely illegal in Singapore, with a small exception that employees in some essential services may go on strike, but only if they notify their employer 14 days in advance that they are indeed going for a strike, which with all due respect kind of defeats the point of a fucking strike. In 2012, 171 bus drivers Chinese bus drivers carried out a strike and they were arrested with a few of them getting deported back to China or getting a prison sentence of 6 weeks

Trade Unions, which are groups of people that negotiate better wages and working conditions, another very effective form of activism historically, is also very limited. NTUC (the National Trade Union Congress) is the only national trade union centre, and these trade unions are not independent like in every other sane modern country, these trade unions are fucking controlled entirely by the Singapore Government. You expect a trade union that is controlled the government to fight against bad working conditions and unfair wages created by the Government? Funny

It is blatantly obvious that the Singapore Government has always taken authoritarian measures to ensure the Singapore masses only consume biased pro-Singapore Government, anti-opposition propaganda. Apart from the completely government-controlled mass media, over 90% of schools in Singapore are controlled by the Government, and thus obviously most of what the Singapore Youth learn is controlled by the authoritarians. These schools are therefore infested with pro-PAP teachers having pro-PAP political beliefs, social studies classes that praise the Singapore Government without even a mere mention of any prominent opposition figures in Singapore, classes that distort Singapore’s history to mesh with the Singapore Government’s political agenda, huge celebrations of National holidays and speeches from principals about the importance of being loyal and obedient to your country. MOE (The Ministry Of Education) controlled by the Government, obviously would want to ensure that the youth of Singapore are compliant to the authoritarian regime. Majority of the workforce is government-run and so attaining a good diploma or degree in a government-run school is extremely important in getting a well-paid job. So if an individual wants to prosper in both school and the workforce in Singapore, they would have to undergo the government brainwashing, they have to speak highly of the tyrants and not hold any opposing views

Furthermore, the implementation of laws in Singapore are unjust, completely biased towards pro-government individuals in Singapore. Numerous examples such as the absolutely awful law called ‘Cooling-Off day’ where a day before voting, nobody is allowed to make any political comments that could sway a voter’s decision. Tin Pei Ling and Vivian Balakrishnan are members of the PAP violated that law, yet were not arrested and and were let off completely scot-free. However, when prominent opposition figures Roy Ngerng and Teo Soh Lung however broke that law, they were arrested and had houses raided by the police. Another example, Amos Yee (me) committed the offence of ‘intending to wound religious feelings’ with videos criticising islam and christianity, and was sentenced to a total of 3 months in jail, Yet a youth PAP member, Jason Neo, who took a picture of a group of Malay students on a bus and called them ‘terrorists’, was not arrested or charged at all. Coincidence? No

The Singapore Government has also historically put opposition figures in prison for absolutely no reason by spreading complete lies that they were violent. Most notable examples being in 1963 where the Singapore Government imprisoned over 30 members of the the popular opposition group Barisan Sosialis for up to 17 years by falsely accusing them of being ‘Violent Communists’ under Operation Coldstore. Or in 1987 where PAP imprisoned 22 opposition supporters for months by falsely accusing them of being ‘violent Marxists’ under Operation Spectrum. Singaporeans live in a culture where people who are political dissidents are targeted by the Singapore Government and are far less able to prosper in government-run schools and the government-run workforce. The people who are compliant and obedient prosper and thrive, the people who are different and rebellious crumble and fall



Singapore is a dictatorship. Lee Kuan Yew is a dictator and his son, Lee Hsien Loong, is the current dictator of Singapore. Just because Singaporeans are allowed to vote and Singapore is not as authoritarian as North Korea or countries in the Middle East does not mean that the Singapore government values freedom and does not want to control how you are, how you think and how you feel. The fucking gall of the typical brainwashed Singaporean to blindly sing praises of the Lee Family’s graciousness and generosity completely oblivious to the oppression and torture the government has done to thousands of political dissidents. I dare them to look into those dissident’s eyes who went against the Lee Family’s authoritarian regime and was placed into prison for decades and then come back and see if they’ll hum the same tune

Singapore is a dictatorship. Singapore is a dictatorship. Singapore is a dictatorship. Wake up…. And free yourself from the conditioning


Why Singapore Is A Dictatorship

Views on Why Singapore Sucks

On Singapore’s 30% Poverty Rate

The common response of a typical Singaporean when they hear about the 30% poverty rate in Singapore is something like: “You should not be complaining about poverty in Singapore, people who are truly poor in Syria and Middle East are much worse!”. And they’re right, at least in the 2nd part

The people who are considered poor in Singapore are much better, they at least have a home to stay, food to eat if they work long enough, they’re not as bad as the kid in Syria who in a few days will probably die due to dehydration.

But that is in comparison to undeveloped, 3rd world countries. What about countries who are first world and have a developed economy, which is what Singapore supposedly is? And so you take a look at Scandinavian countries like Norway, their poverty rate is less than 5%, plus they have a high minimum wage and universal healthcare. Look at it that way and you find out the Singapore Government has been absolutely awful at taking care of its citizens, but instead of trying to push for left-wing economic policies to help the ones in poverty, a typical Singaporean will respond: “don’t complain, at least they’re still breathing”.

This kind of indifference to human suffering is borderline callous, and if our country does indeed breed compassion, you would not stare at the old man who works 75 hours cleaning toilet floors and eating cheap white bread every meal and tell him: “Well, at least you’re not living in a slum”. Do reflect


On arresting Beggars

So friends, I found out why despite a 30% poverty rate in Singapore, you don’t see any beggars on the streets. It is actually ILLEGAL to be a beggar in Singapore. Yes you can (I’m not joking), get imprisoned for up to 2 years for begging on the streets in Singapore. No wonder you don’t see any beggars.

Most Singaporeans didn’t know that did they? They thought Singaporeans were far more well to do than other Asian countries. Well, this is what happens when you treat your 20-year observations as a Singapore citizen as if it were evidence, instead of looking at actual economic statistics and facts. In reality if there wasn’t such a law, Singapore would probably have more beggars on the streets than crumbling Hong Kong

On Voting for PAP because of Lee Kuan Yew’s death

Singaporeans who voted for PAP in last year’s election because of Lee Kuan Yew’s death made an absolutely awful decision. They sacrificed the well-being of hundreds of thousands of Singaporean to give sympathy to a ruthless despot


On Singapore being a Dictatorship

Many Singaporeans think that it’s a bit of a stretch to call Singapore a dictatorship.

1) Elections department controlled by prime minister’s office leading to gerrymandering and measures like the NCMP, GRC system and cooling-off day that keeps elections unfair

2) All non-violent public protests are illegal

3) Government controls the entire mainstream media and makes it illegal for people to distribute their own newspapers until they get a permit from the government

4) Trade Unions (groups of people that negotiate better wages and working conditions) are controlled by the government

5) Strikes (Mass amount of workers refusing to go to work to act as a protest against unfair wages) are illegal

6) PAP controls most of the syllabus and curriculum in both state and private schools

7) PAP has 93% of the seats in parliament and has won every general election for the past 50 years

8) Laws preferential to pro-government individuals (like opposition individuals Roy Ngerng and Teo Soh Lung getting arrested for violating cooling off day but not PAP members Tin Pei Ling and Vivian Balakrishnan. Or Amos Yee (Me) getting arrested for ‘intending to wound religious feelings’ but not youth PAP member Jason Neo who committed the same offence

9) Government has arrested individuals who threatened the Government’s power (like imprisoning over 30 members of the barisan sosialis (popular opposition group) for up to 17 years by falsely accusing them of being ‘Violent Communists’ under operation coldstore in 1963, and imprisoning 22 opposition supporters for months by falsely accusing them of being ‘violent Marxists’ under operation spectrum in 1987

Singapore is a dictatorship. Singapore is a dictatorship. Singapore is a dictatorship


On who really made Singapore prosperous

Lee Kuan Yew was NOT the main contributor to Singapore’s rapid economic growth, it was actually Dutch economist Albert Winsemius. In fact, Lee Kuan Yew was heading in the wrong direction economically before Winsemius steered Singapore in the right course.

So right now most European countries are considered the best in the world, and Singapore followed the advice of a Dutch (European) who referred to the model of Netherlands (which is in Europe), so that Singapore could prosper. What a twist



GST in Singapore is fucking horrible by the way. You see what makes sense is a progressive tax system as seen in most Scandinavian Countries, ie the richer pay a higher % tax than the poor because you know…. The rich have more fucking money, the poor needs a higher % of their income than the rich to survive. For stupid ass GST though, you have the same 7% tax on all goods and services regardless of whether those goods are bought by the rich or the poor + a higher % of services for the rich is exempted from having a GST. So really Singapore’s horrendous GST system is just a means to ensure the rich pay less taxes than they should, the poor to pay more taxes than they should in comparison to the rich, increase income inequality, ensure a small number of elites retain as much money, power and control,and continue fucking over the middle-lower class (ie Majority of the Singaporean population)


On the Death Penalty

“Perhaps it’d be very good to have public flogging to drug abusers. Imagine, whipping the horrible criminal with a metal cane as he shrieks in terror, blood, sweat and tears. Singaporeans watching, terrified and cheering. Sure it might be seen as cruel, heartless and a violation of human rights, but it could really deter crime. The pros outweigh the cons”

– How to enact laws like the Singapore Government 101

I’m going to repeat this for the 27th time: all studies of the death penalty show that implementing a death penalty does not reduce crime. Therefore, Singaporeans who blame anti-death penalty activists for ‘letting criminals off easily’ or ‘making the country more unsafe’ are dishonest and absolutely disgusting. These idiots think torturing criminals to ‘prevent crime’ is immoral now, but if they lived in a society where a political leader lied “We need to torture to prevent people from drug trafficking and murder” and that lie is widely accepted by the masses, these assholes would go around promoting torture. Can you guys seriously stop believing in garbage based on lies and peer pressure and instead believe in actual facts? People’s lives are literally at stake here 2 people were killed in Singapore this week for nothing my God


On Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew is an evil man. To westerners the wickedness would probably be apparent, but to typical Singaporeans not so much. Lee Kuan Yew justifies restricting freedom of expression and imprisoning political opponents all under the name of safety and prosperity, which is the kind of the rhetoric that every evil dictator from Stalin to Hitler use as a means to justify authoritarian acts. Singaporeans might love their benevolent dictator now, but I guarantee that 40 years later everyone and their children will study Lee Kuan Yew in history books, and Lee Kuan Yew will be classified as one of history’s wicked and vile dictators alongside Hitler and Caligula. We’re puzzled how ordinary people in the past can be conditioned to such an extent that they cover up for malicious tyrants, yet can be completely oblivious when the exact kind of brainwashing is happening to oneself and the people around us. I hope not too many of you end up in the wrong side of history

Singaporeans get so triggered when I compare Lee Kuan Yew to Hitler or Stalin, petulantly whining “HOW CAN YOU COMPARE LKY TO HITLER HE’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING AS BAD”. Dude yeah Lee Kuan Yew isn’t nearly as bad as Hitler or Stalin sure, he’s still fucking horrible though, and in a few decades I’m pretty sure will be seen alongside Hitler and Stalin as one of the World’s evil dictators. I don’t get why people can’t see how Lee Kuan Yew is evil just because in the name of Singapore’s prosperity and safety Lee Kuan Yew says ‘we must restrict freedom of expression and imprison political opponents’ instead of ‘we must exterminate the Jews’


On restricting Freedom of Expression to maintain safety

Many Singaporeans say that it was necessary for Lee Kuan Yew to restrict free speech and imprison people who were against the Government during the 1960s to prevent danger and race riots, and if LKY had not done that, Singapore would not have been able to develop and be as safe as prosperous as it is today. Complete and absolute horseshit. Complete and absolute fucking bullshit. You have to cite a study which shows that restricting freedom of expression and imprisoning political opponents increases safety in a country. You won’t be able to find one, you know why? Because it doesn’t fucking exist. Singapore would be as safe and prosperous now even if Lee Kuan Yew hadn’t restricted freedom of expression 50 years ago

So you see this trend of Singaporeans believing in absolute baseless bullshit that simply sound logical to them is very rampant: they claim restricting free speech is necessary for safety even though no studies show any link between free expression and crime. They claim having the death penalty will prevent people from committing crime even though all studies show the death penalty has no effect on crime rates whatsoever. They make claims without any evidence, they form connections that don’t exist, they blindly believe in absolute lies spouted by the Government, and then have the gall to go around spreading it

But don’t be fooled, what these brainwashed goons are doing is simply trying to make themselves feel less guilty that they support a dictator’s decision of imprisoning political opponents for expressing non-violent dissent, ruining the lives of anyone who they disagree with to prevent hurting their precious little feelings because they can’t take their dear old dictator Lee Kuan Yew losing and being mocked at. Do you not feel any shred of shame? Do you not feel any guilt in your fucking conscience? You dare to look into the eyes of someone from the opposition who Lee Kuan Yew imprisoned for over 15 years and say “well…it was really necessary to ruin your life to ensure the safety of Singapore. I have no evidence you made Singapore more dangerous but uhhh.. it was necessary because Lee Kuan Yew said so”. Fuck you. Fuck you

Views on Why Singapore Sucks

Amos Yee’s Favorite Youtubers

As of March 2018

(number is score I gave each creator out of 10. For the curious, I rate my own Youtube channel a 7.8)

Tj Kirk/The Amazing Atheist (including deep fat fried) 9.5
Digibro (including After Dark) 9.2
James Rolfe (Cinemassacre) 9.0
Filthy Frank 8.8
YMS 8.6
Cyriak 8.5
Creationist Cat 8.4
Endless Jess 8.4
EmpLemon 8.3
Unnatural Vegan 8.2
Libertarian Socialist Rants 8.2
Contrapoints 8.0
Jontron 7.8
Young Turks 7.8
Secular Talk 7.7
Nostalgia Critic 7.7
Cult Of Dusty 7.5
CopperCab 7.3

People who would probably be on the list if I watched more of their videos to judge: FrankJavcee, Hipppcrit, Red letter media

(No Youtuber yet is a 10/10 creator in my opinion (like Kubrick or Miyamoto). Expected since Youtube has only been around for a decade, whereas film and video games have been around for several decades.)

Amos Yee’s Favorite Youtubers

Why JianHao Tan Sucks

I’m fucking offended by how many followers JianHaoTan has. That guy is such an unfunny, talentless piece of shit

Why JianHao Tan Sucks

People saying I shouldn’t hate on JianHao Tan’s horrible, unfunny videos because it’s all just a matter of taste are really people who don’t understand art and entertainment and who don’t really have taste (Unsurprising since most of JianHao Tan’s million followers are dull, pubescent teens: Undeveloped brains, no knowledge, no talent, no taste, you know…. the kind of people who can stand JianHao Tan videos (and maybe a dose of Dee Kosh and Wahbanana while you’re at it too)).

Anyone who understands art and entertainment know that there are certain elements that because they are more well-thought out and deep, can make someone objectively say that one piece of art is better than another. For example, Citizen Kane, is objectively better than Twilight; Children Of Men, is objectively better than Ah Boys To Men; a fully-produced movie is objectively better than someone filming themselves taking a shit and calling it ‘art’, that’s just a fact. So go watch a great youtuber like Contrapoints (what most JianHao Tan fans would probably find ‘boring’, because you know…. they have no taste), and then go back and watch JianHao Tan. And now you know: Contrapoints is objectively better than JianHao Tan; JianHao Tan is objectively an unfunny, talentless piece of shit. You think any of JianHao’s dumbass teen fans are going to remember him in 20 years when they actually grow up, seen more of the world, become more experienced, developed more taste, are struggling with their 9 to 5 jobs and their 60 thousand dollar school debt? You think at that age those people are going to be entertained by JianHao Tan farting in front of a camera?

Now JianHao Tan followers will counter by saying something like ‘You’re just jealous that JianHao has more followers than you’. Well…. Yeah, of course I’m jealous. I’m jealous that I produce more well thought-out, well produced pieces of work that are better for the world, but can’t get nearly as many views and likes as him. I’m jealous that you can be such an insipid piece of dribble, putting little effort producing this unintelligent, vacuous crap and can achieve much more fame and money than actual talented people. Of course I’m jealous! Who in their right mind wouldn’t be? Fuck I would want to take a shit in front of a camera and be able to buy diamonds too.

But… no worries friends: Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Dee Kosh, Ryan Sylvia, WahBanana, Naomi Neo whatever, unlike actual talented people, their popularity will be short-lived, their fame will not survive their fans first menstrual cycle. And also my friends just know: the reason why well-produced, intelligent works of art are vastly more unpopular than retarded trash like JianHao Tan, is because most of the world is retarded. So JianHao will have a lot of followers, but don’t be under the false mindset that he’s actually good motherfuckers XD


The Typical Tale of The Inevitable Fallen Artist

JianHao Tan fans don’t really like JianHao Tan. They really don’t and I’ll tell you why:

When I was age 10-13 I watched a ridiculous amount of Smosh (that’s a youtube channel). 2-3 hours a day, 4 days a week, 3 months in a year of fucking Smosh. I loved their videos, memorised and discussed their lines, I felt genuine pleasure and happiness watching their videos after a tiring day at school. Now at age 19 looking back what do I think of Smosh THEY FUCKING SUCK!! THEY FUCKING SUCK!!!! They are unfunny, painful to watch garbage that I enjoyed because at 10 years old when you have little knowledge you are stupid and so stupid things entertain you. I heard what Anthony Padilla left Smosh after 11 years I barely give a conceivable fuck. These are people I felt a deep connection with as a child and yet I don’t give a conceivable fuck when the main member of the duo leaves is that not frightening?

Now… during age 10-13 however, I also watched James Rolfe. 2-3hours a day, 4 days a week, 3 months in a year, James motherfucking Rolfe. Looking back at age 19 what do I think of James now? He’s still one of my favorite Youtubers, he’s still making videos and I still try my best to catch up with all of them because they are wonderful. I treasure James Rolfe and his impact on my life, and I’m confident I’ll still appreciate his work 10, 20 years from now.

So…. what is the difference between James Rolfe and Smosh that makes me now appreciate one instead of the other? What I gained from watching their videos. James instilled in me a crude style of humor, media analytical skills, techniques on crafting a video, the undying love and passion to create etc. Smosh I gained ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING!! ABSOLUTING FUCKING NOTHING!!! ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING!!!! I literally spent so much time watching their asanine content and gained ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING. The only thing that might have benefited me from wasting all that time watching their crap is a more comprehensive knowledge on why they suck so that now I can better articulate on said suckage so hopefully you folks will not make the same mistake I did and waste your time watching such trash.

Which brings me back to Jianhao Tan. Jianhao Tan like Smosh, makes videos where you don’t gain jackshit. What are you going to do follow his godawful relationship advice? Unless JianHao Tan’s videos stop sucking I guarantee that none of his hundreds of thousands of followers who watch his videos and buy his merchandise will give a conceivable fuck about Jianhao Tan in 20 years. Jianhao is going to be so unspeakably irrelevant to everyone in a decade the 14-year old girls who were masturbating to every one of Jianhao’s tweets at 28 years old will look back at their teen years and wonder ‘What the fuck did I do when I was 14? Oh! Jianhao Tan yeah I remember, ewww that was gross. Oh fuck I watched Dee Kosh too”. I mean JianHao might still be rich, the millions he made from making his teen girl fans stupid I mean sorry, sorry… ‘entertaining’ his fans, the millions could last him a lifetime. But I don’t think despite the money he’d be happy knowing, that although millions of people followed him, watched his videos, bought his merchandise and wrote positive messages to him, none of those people really, actually.… liked him

And that my dear friends, is the tale of every pop artist who tries to gain success by creating crap for the widest, dumbest audience. I fucking knew this all along guys that’s why I didn’t want to continue acting for dumbass Jack Neo

Why JianHao Tan Sucks

A Chat About Peeing In Bottles

Amos: Do you all know that I pee in bottles?
speechless eh? Well now you know

Bob: Sometimes that 15ft trek to the bathroom is just too much

Amos: Wow
finally someone gets me

Bob: I actually started doing it out of necessity because my mum is an abusive bitch who used to literally scream at me in anger any time I left my bedroom to go to the bathroom at night
Even tried to beat me up a couple of times over it…
so it kinda became a habit and I sometimes still do it if I’m in a particularly lazy mood.

Amos: How you get the scents out of the room, you empty the bottles daily?

Bob: We drink a lot of bottled water, so I just use a new bottle each time since there’s always a few laying about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
but yeah, I usually empty it pretty soon afterwards

Amos: Oh yeah I do that too. You got like 5 bottles of pee lining your room it’s glorious

Bob: ayy lmao
I’m somehow amazed I’m not the only one

Amos: Now I just throw the bottles of pee out

Bob: Let’s just hope your garbage collector has a pee fetish

Amos: I think when I’m sneezy or anxious my bladder activates and I gotta pee every 10 min, no way I’m going to run a marathon going back and forth

Bob: Holy shit
literally this. xD

Amos: And like sometimes I don’t have to pee, but my mind says I gotta pee, and so like there’s nothing to pee, so like you force out the pee and there’s just a few drops of pee

Bob: I’m exactly the same
Lol, yup

Amos: And now I think I got so good at forcing out pee that literally any time I can now pee, whether it’s a lot of pee though depends

Bob: Plus the only bathroom in my house is upstairs and along a long corridor… fuck going all that way every 10 minutes only for my bladder to tell me to go fuck myself.

Amos: oh you can’t force out the pee?

Bob: Depends how bad my anxiety is I guess
if it’s not too bad then I usually can
otherwise nope. xD

Amos: Oh yeah it’s fucking annoying dude, it’s like you really gotta pee you think it’s alot, then you fucking pee and it’s a few drops and it’s like what the fuck?
And I don’t know how biology works, but it looks like I can immediately drink water, and immediately it manifests itself as more pee

Bob: yep, same here
It really sucks during the night too, when you can’t sleep because you need to pee, but you can’t pee. >.>
And you keep drinking more water because your anxiety is making you thirsty too

Amos: Oh fuck you can’t pee? I always can pee it out the problem is the repeated peeing
Oh yeah it takes awhile to program your mind to not make you pee
want to pee

Bob: Well like I said, depends on how bad the anxiety is. :p
It’s not always that bad, but…

Amos: Oh dude I’m the opposite there, when I’m more anxious I can repeated pee way more
Then it’s like sprinkles over candy

Bob: That’s quite a beautiful analogy

Amos: This fucking unconventional peeing came from fuck. I never had a problem with peeing (if this is even a problem), but this I think came from when I was 10 when you’re stuck in class and need to pee, but you can’t because the teacher doesn’t seem receptive to you going to the bathroom in the middle, and so you wait like 2 hours before you finally get to go out and pee. And when you pee it’s really relieving but you feel like your bladder is aching and soring and has opened up, and that’s when I lose the innocence to pee
multiple times, this happened multiple times in class, then you start using the bottles at home
And now I gotta pee, and I’m peeing in a bottle

Bob: Yeah, I fucking hated teachers that wouldn’t let you go to pee during class time
It just made me unable to concentrate on my work, so it was stupid to not just allow us to take bathroom breaks

Amos: you know maybe they would have, but you feel self conscious to ask again because you already asked to go pee 2 times

Bob: Depends… some teachers were just cunts and wouldn’t let me go no matter what. >.>
I guess they just got some kind of power trip out of controlling us like that or something.

Amos: Oh yeah yeah, I mean I didn’t pay attention in class 90% of the time anyways, but yeah instead of the mario fantasy stories in my head all I could think of the was the desire to let out the composed pee
Oh yeah teachers who don’t let you go even once are literally Hitler

Bob: Literally worse than Hitler
and same

Amos: Like needs to be sent to concentration camps, have eye lids and testicles ripped apart by dogs and fed to them with their excrement

Bob: I approve of this

Amos: Pee spills from bad aim are a bitch tho






Mark: What the fuck is that shit?

Amos: Yeah it looks like that on the floor

Mark: are you peeing in bottles???

Amos: oh you didn’t catch up on the story

Mark: oh wow, shit is fucked up

Bob: B E A U T I F U L
also what’s the fork for?

Amos: Oh why the fuck would he have half filled ones though? Just do it till the end

Bob: wait, those aren’t your bottles

Amos: Hell no, why would I line them up on the desk like that?
I just googled pee bottles

Bob: Ahh alright

Amos: I think the guy was doing private investigation in a room or something

Bob: I am disappoint.

Amos: You wanna see my pee bottles baby?
One blow job for one pee bottle baby

Bob: I don’t think I’d be able to contain my jizz if you sent a picture of that tbh

Amos: why the fuck you get turned on by pee?

Bob: I don’t lol
Was joking. >.>
I do have a friend with a legit pee fetish tho

Amos: yeah girl like to be peed on and shat in the bed

A Chat About Peeing In Bottles

Studies Supporting Pedophilia

Adult-Child Sex


Preface: (You can skip this part) Nobody likes reading high-vocab, jargon-ridden, headache-inducing academic studies written by the boring researcher,  so I (Amos Yee) did my best to arrange the studies as accessibly and concisely as possible. For beginners or the layperson who want to start off easy I recommend reading the ‘relevant findings’ section of each study to stimulate your interest, skipping over the other parts in your initial viewing, then come back and read closely the summaries, quotes, and for the really devoted click the study link and analyse the methodology and sample sizes if you’d like more evidence that these findings are substantiated

Credits: D33 and Miles for finding and compiling the research. Amos Yee for additional editing

Childhood Sexual Abuse And The Sociocultural Context Of Sexual Risk Among Adult Latino Gay And Bisexual Men (Arreola Et Al)

Relevant Finding:  Males who had consensual sexual contact with adults during childhood (aged between 0 and 15 years) were no more likely to experience psychological issues later in life than those who did not, and actually performed marginally better in all of the “Risky Sexual Situation” variables.

Researchers: Sonya Grant Arreola, PhD, MPH, Torsten B. Neilands, PhD, and Rafael Dıaz, PhD

Summary: This study was conducted on a probability sample of 912 gay/bisexual males in the US, half of whom had had sexual contact with adults during childhood, and half of whom had not. Among those who’d had sex with adults as children, the prevalence of consensual sex was almost 70%, with only 30% of encounters being non-consensual. Consensual adult-minor sex was not correlated with negative outcomes.

Quotes: “There were no differences between men who reported not having sex before age 16 years and those who reported consensual sex before age 16 years with someone 5 or more years older for any of the outcomes, underscoring the importance of examining both subjective and objective experiences of childhood sexuality. Consistent with previous findings, men who initiated sex consensually before age 16 years [with someone 5 or more years older] appeared to be at no greater risk for psychological distress, risky sexual situations, or risky sexual behaviors than were those who initiated sex at later ages. ”

Link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2865208/


Sexual Contact Between Children From As Young As 3 And Adults

Relevant Finding: Most children from as young as 3 engage in mutually beneficial sexual relationships with adults


In this study of 571 males, consensual sexual contact with women (5 or more years older) was strongly associated with favourable feelings for the boy, and had a positive/beneficial effect on their adult sex life, whereas the forced sexual contact was associated with negative feelings and a negative effect on their adult sex life. The ages of the boys at the time of the sexual contact ranged from 3-15, with a mean age of 12.

As indicated in Table VI, in only a rather small minority of the cases did the male report being forced. In a much larger proportion of the cases, the male actually reported initiating the activity. Furthermore, the present research found that the men tended to report the experience as negative if they were forced and positive if they were not forced. This is consistent with the contention of previous authors that the most influential factor in a traumatic sexual event for a child is the type of coercion (Finkelhor, 1979; Groth, 1979; Sarrel & Masters, 1982).

It is apparent that both the condition of “female wanted to, male agreed” and “male wanted to, female agreed” were associated with reported favorable feelings at the time and reported favorable effect on adult sex life. If the boy was forced, the feeling at the time and the effect on adult sex life were reported as unfavorable.

Age was not significantly related to either effect variable

Among both the college and the prison men, there were far more respondents indicating that the sexual experience was good than those who regraded it as bad. The preponderance of respondents also regarded it as having a good rather than a bad effect on their adult sex lives.

Link: http://sci-hub.tw/10.1007/bf01541421


Rethinking Timing Of First Sex And Delinquency

Relevant Finding: Earlier ages of first sex predicts less delinquent behaviour as an adult.

Researchers: K. Paige Harden, Jane Mendle, Jennifer E. Hill, Eric Turkheimer, & Robert E. Emery


A study that attempts to find if there’s a correlation between the age of first sex and delinquent behavior. Uses a sample of 534 same-sex twins to compare outcomes of earlier sex. Published in 2007.


“The relation between timing of first sex and later delinquency was examined using a genetically informed sample of 534 same-sex twin pairs from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, who were assessed at three time points over a 7-year interval. […] After controlling for these genetic and environmental confounds using a quasi-experimental design, earlier age at first sex predicted lower levels of delinquency in early adulthood. […] Although the current results are contrary to embedded assumptions, they are actually consistent with previous research. Specifically, three quasi-experimental (longitudinal or behavior genetic) studies that examined whether timing of first sex influences subsequent psychosocial functioning, controlling for psychological differences that precede sexual initiation, have all failed to find adverse effects for sexual timing. […]”

“The current study suggests that there may be positive functions for early initiation of sexual activity, in that the co-twin with earlier age at first sex demonstrated lower levels of delinquency in early adulthood. This result echoes a small but important body of previous research. In one of the first pieces of sex research, Kinsey et al. (1953) concluded that premarital sexual activity resulted in minimal “psychological disturbance” and may result in healthier non-romantic relationships and greater happiness later in life. More recent research has indicated that early sexual timing is associated with popularity (Prinstein et al. 2003); high self-esteem (for a review see Goodson et al. 2006; Paul et al. 2000); positive self-concept (Pedersen et al. 2003); high levels of body pride (Lammers et al. 2000), and increasing closeness to the same-sex best friend (Billy et al. 1988). […] In the domain of adult sexual functioning, earlier age at first sex was found to predict greater coital orgasmic capacity in adult women (Raboch and Bartak 1983) and to discriminate sexually functional versus non-functional older men (age 64 years; Vallery-Masson et al. 1981). Women reporting an earlier age at first sex demonstrate less reactivity and faster recovery (as measured by cortical response) in response to stress (Brody 2002).”



The Effects Of Early Sexual Experiences: A Review And Synthesis Of Research

Relevant Finding: It isn’t consensual sex itself that’s likely to cause harm, but the reaction of parents/other adults.

Researchers: Larry L. Constantine


Analyzed 30 studies with over 2500 participants to quantify the effects of incest and other types of sexual encounters between adults and children. Published in 1981


“The siblings involved in incest in the study by Symonds et al. generally reported positive feelings; although some felt guilt at first, most felt closer to the sibling and more trusting as a result. Tsai et al. report that their clinical group reported more upset, more pain, and more negative feelings than did the nonclinical group, indicating that immediate reactions to the situation are correlated with outcome, a conclusion supported also by comparisons among studies.”

“But the most frequently cited reactions in analysis of the entire group of 30 studies are anxiety (or fear) and guilt. Ten studies found anxiety or fear to be a common reaction, and nearly half cited guilt; the characteristic reaction, one (Sloane and Karpinski, 1942) considering it to be the most outstanding and universal feature of incest outcome.”

“Researchers are particularly articulate on the matter of guilt and direct quotations are in order. Weiner (1962) concludes that guilt does “not relate to the incest itself but to the disruption of the home after discovery.” Kaufman et al. (1954) concur that not the sex itself but rather the disruption of the home generates extreme guilt and anxiety.”

“Some recent studies report subjects’ overall evaluations of their experiences. Of those responding to the ads of Symonds et al., 80 percent felt positively about their experiences toward their incest partner, but a greater portion of sibling partners than offspring involved in parental incest had positive experiences and, as a group, those whose experiences included humiliation and so-called discipline had the most negative reactions.”

“Many studies report that children, even prepubertal children, become sexually awakened by childhood sexual encounters and may become quite sexual in their behavior. Ten of the studies reviewed mention this as common or typical. In an appropriate setting accepting of children’s sexuality, such as in some of the communal families studied by Johnston and Deisher (1973) or in the group – marriagelike incestuous families described by Symonds, this could be an acceptable, even positive response. But, in more conventional settings, the conflict with social norms can be considerable.”

“In general, the studies reviewed suggest that the subsequent sexualized behavior of children who participate in incest or sexual encounters with adults is not intrinsically a problem for the child but rather for parents and other adults. Sexual pursuits need not, as the anthropological literature attests, in any way interfere with other usual pursuits of childhood.”

Link: http://www.ipce.info/library_2/const/constantine79_text.htm


Biased Terminology Effects And Biased Information Processing In Research On Adult-Nonadult Sexual Interactions: An Empirical Investigation

Relevant Finding: Using biased terms in science alters the perception of readers even if it gives the same information as a report that uses unbiased terms.

Researchers: Bruce Rind & Robert Bauserman


A study that tests whether negative terms like CSA, victim, perpetrator, etc. biases in discussions of adult-minor sex has biasing effects. The sample is 80 volunteers who are intro to psychology students (40 male and 40 female). Published in 1993


“Students’ impressions of both specific and general cases of sexual contacts between male adolescents and adult males were negatively biased by negative terms, providing support for the hypothesis. Biasing effects, however, were weak and inconsistent in the specific cases. In contrast to this, biasing effects of negative terms on students’ impressions of general cases were stronger and quite reliable.”

“This finding indicates that, by describing specific cases of adult-nonadult sexual relationships with negative terms, researchers can give their readers the impression that general cases of these relationships are abusive even when the evidence in the specific cases points to neutral or even positive outcomes, as in the shortened article that students read in the current study. Thus, researchers who firmly hold that such relationships are abusive regardless of the empirical evidence, and who consequently use negative terms indiscriminately, may be creating and maintaining in their readership a biased perception of adult-nonadult sexual relationships.”

Link: http://sci-hub.tw/10.1080/00224499309551710

Children’s Disclosures Of Sexual Abuse In A Population-Based Sample

Relevant Finding: Children are more likely to prevent sex with an adult if it’s forced, and those who have consensual experiences don’t consider it sexual abuse.

Researchers: Hanna-Mari Lahtinen, Aarno Laitila, Julia Korkman, & Noora Ellonen


A study that tries to ask children, opposed to adults who had been children, about minor-adult sex (or CSA, the scientific term) and finds various things about disclosure. Uses a representative sample of 11,364 6th to 9th graders from 483 Finnish schools. Published in 2018.


“As expected, the overall disclosure rate of 80% was close to the rates discovered in other representative studies exploring CSA experiences with samples of adolescents or young adults […]. The disclosure rates in these studies were much higher than in retrospective surveys of adults reporting disclosure rates mostly between 31% and 45%. As Priebe and Svedin (2008) suggested, the reason for the difference is probably adolescents’ better potential to remember whether they disclosed to someone or not compared to adults. Most of the children had disclosed to a friend (48%) and/or a parent (mother 20%, father 12%). However, consistent with previous research[…], the disclosure rate for adult recipients (parents and authorities) was as low as 26%, and only a minority (12%) of children reported disclosing to authorities.”

“The most common self-reported reason for non-disclosure in the present study was that the sexual experience with an adult was not considered serious enough to be reported (41%). Owing to the paucity of surveys examining children’s self-reports of reasons for not disclosing […], this is an important finding to be studied further. The results may be related to children defining CSA differently compared to adults. […] the present study showed that 51% of the children reporting sexual experiences with someone at least five years older did not label the experience as sexual abuse. In the current study, CSA was defined broadly, including also non-contact abuse (such as propositions and invitations to do something sexual). It is possible that children do not consider such acts as CSA and worth reporting to adults.”

Link: http://sci-hub.hk/10.1016/j.chiabu.2017.10.011


Child Porn

Pornography And Sex Crimes In The Czech Republic

Relevant Finding: The availability/decriminalization of ALL pornography (even Child Porn) decreases the amount of sex crimes.

Researchers: Milton Diamond


A study done in the Czech Republic that uses yearly crime statistics from 1971 to 2007 to compare the period before pornography was decriminalized (including CP) with the period after. It finds that after a spike near decriminalization the rate of all sex crimes decreased even though crime rates rose. Published in 2009.


“Most obvious and most significant of our findings is that the number of reported cases of child sex abuse immediately dropped markedly after SEM (Sexually Explicit Material) was legalized and became available. The incidence of reported child sex abuse, following this original precipitous decline following the governmental switch in 1989, did increase in incidence for a few years to peak in 1995 and 1998 but then again dropped in number following a downward trend that had begun prior to democratization.”

Link: http://sci-hub.hk/10.1007/s10508-010-9696-y

Pornography, Rape And Sex Crimes In Japan

Relevant Finding: The availability/decriminalization of ALL pornography (even Child Porn) decreases the amount of sex crimes.

Researchers: Milton Diamond


Before the late 1980s Japan had a ban on all sexually explicit material, but the time after judges became increasingly liberal and changed the interpretation of obscenity rather that the laws themselves. This study focuses on sex crime rates between years 1972 to 1995 and concludes that access to pornography decreases sex crimes. Published in 1999.


“Currently, not only are visuals with pubic hair and exposed genitalia present, but also available are visual depictions of hard-core sexual encounters that include bestiality, sadomasochism, necrophilia, and incest; the characters involved may be adults, children, or both, and they can be in manga as well as in adult reading materials. There is a “Child Welfare Law” in Japan that prohibits child prostitution. However, there are no specific child pornography laws in Japan, and SEM depicting minors are readily available and widely consumed. Most charges of obscenity presently are related to depictions of group or violent rape or realistic and graphic film or video depictions of sexual behaviors considered deviant and dangerous.”

“Similar to our findings, in Denmark and West Germany the most dramatic categories of sex crime to show a decrease were rapes and other sex crimes against and by juveniles. Between 1972 and 1980 the total number of sex crimes known to the police in the Federal Republic of Germany decreased by 11 percent; during the same period the total number of all crimes reported increased by 50 percent. Sex offenses against minors (those under 14 years of age) had a similarly slight decrease of about 10 percent during this period. For those victims under six years of age, however, the numbers decreased from 1,421 cases in 1972 to 579 in 1980, a decrease of more than 50 percent.”

Link: http://sci-hub.hk/10.1016/s0160-2527(98)00035-1

The Effect Of Easy Availability Of Pornography On The Incidence Of Sex Crimes: The Danish Experience

Relevant Finding: The availability/decriminalization of ALL pornography (even Child Porn) decreases the amount of sex crimes.

Researchers: Bed Kutchinsky


A study assessing the effect legalizing pornography (including CP) in Denmark had on sex crimes. Published in 1973.


“The largest changes were found in peeping, verbal indecency, and offenses against girls (mainly cases of child molestation).”

“The category physical indecency towards girls constitutes mainly child molestation. Findings indicated that only a slight fraction of the 69% decrease from 1959 to 1969 in cases registered by the police could be explained as being due to a reduced reporting frequency. No less than 93% of the respondents would consider a specified and typical case of child molestation criminal, a viewpoint which was shared by men and women and all age groups alike. This fact rather excludes the liability of any change in the social definition of this type of crime. Furthermore, reporting frequency of offenses against children is rather high (it could be estimated to be at least 50%, depending of course upon the severity of the case), and very few respondents said they had changed their views in this respect.”

“The possibility does remain that the child victims may have changed in their reaction to sexual interference as well as their tendency to tell parents about such incidents. If such a change has occurred, however, it would likely be in the direction of greater awareness of such incidents on the part of the children as well as an increased tendency to talk to the parents about it. In other words, changes in child victim attitudes combined with unchanged parental attitudes toward child molestation would likely have led to an increase rather than a reduced reporting frequency.”

“In respect to indecency towards children, seriousness and age are related. If, then, the decrease were due to a reduced reporting frequency, a larger decrease would be expected in the number of older children victimized than in the number of very young victims. The comparison showed that there was not a larger reduction among older victims-rather, the greatest reduction was seen in cases where the victims were 4-7 years of age.”

Link: https://sci-hub.tw/10.1111/j.1540-4560.1973.tb00094.x



List Of Positive Child-Adult Sexual Relationships – Hikari’s Blog

Cases of positive memories of erotic and platonic relationships and contacts of children with adults, as seen from the perspective of the former minor.https://hikarisblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/16/positive-memories/

Pedophile Relationships In The Netherlands: Alternative Lifestyle For Children?

Scientific research paper that has the testimonies of minors on their sexual relationships with adultshttp://sci-hub.hk/10.1007/bf01091326

How Do You Feel About Minor-Attracted People? R/AskGSM



Other Resources


051- Interview With A Pedophile (Tom O’Carroll)

My Own Worst Enemy


Pedosexuality Myths

A refutal to arguments against sexual contact between adults and children.



Source for more resources pertaining to adult-minor sex


Consenting Juveniles

A collection of cases of consensual sex between minors and adults



(More studies can be found here: https://ghostbin.com/paste/qvct5 )

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Studies Supporting Pedophilia

My Last Day Of School

I had the opportunity to be greeted with a conversation with the principal, the minute I stepped into school. It was of course regarding the previous post remarking on the various facets of school, experienced by me. I never conversed with the new principal that had just come in this year, but now I did. I’m glad I soaked up another facet of the school experience. It’s ironic that no one in the school who is considered a model student ever had a conversation with the principal, and it is the critical, naughty, rebellious ones that do. It’s rather odd that he seems to prefer acknowledging bad rather than good.

We conversed for about 20 minutes, where most of it were repetitions of questions that I had answered, where he just could not comprehend what my answer was. For example, he asked why I still came for the prom when I was so negative and unappreciative of the school, I answered that I wasn’t celebrating how great the school was, but the things I have learnt from it, being in this environment which was very hostile to me. He didn’t quite comprehend it so he asked the question another 3 or 4 times. He even said that because I am so unappreciative of the efforts of the school, next time he might be considering not even holding or organising a large-scale prom in the future. I said you’re going to let one student’s opinion be representative of the whole student population and be petty enough to deprive something that they might enjoy because of me? I hope he doesn’t close down the school after reading this recent post. What was contradictory was that he said that everyone was entitled to their opinion, then proceeded to demand an apology from me, to the school, for writing my opinions. I of course refused. No way in hell was I going to discredit any of the 4000 words that I had written, and no way in hell would anyone believe me even if I did. Not today, and not again.

He did however point out something partially valid, that my piece of criticism was not balanced. And I sort of agree, it was purely biased because the bad outweighed the good, so much so that I did not mention any few tidbits of good that I had experienced, such as having a considerably influential, nice and at moments, an effective Malay teacher during my Secondary 2. Yeah, it was quite one-sided, but does being biased make one wrong? Not necessarily. There’s no way that anyone can say anything good about validating the existence of religion, after they understand the whole scenario. So it was biased, but it was the true feelings which I had experienced, and I would rather be honest than be balanced, and plus it was much more fun to write. He did urge me to write something balanced next time, and I could see he was a true advocator of that, having purely positive pandering of students, covering the walls of the school and in every yearbook. And then when someone like me writes something negative, you then say I should be balanced. Actually, since the school has published everything that is positive for several years, and I wrote a long post that is purely negative, I have actually helped garnered a balanced view of the school haven’t I?

Oh yeah, also the discipline master had a laptop, but the principal asked him to print out the 4000 word writing, which he did, on paper, and passed it to him. Is he in the 18th century? He didn’t do much with it, he just held it with his left hand and pointed at it with his right index finger occasionally when he tried to make a point.

Overall, he was just trying to say that he was disappointed with what I wrote. Yup, I never would have guessed. I never would have guessed that you, who spent majority of your life conforming to a flawed educational system and advocating the archaic values representative of it, to gain a position of power, and then seeing a criticism of the thing that you so treasure, would engender some form of distasteful feelings

Of course he could do nothing about what I had wrote because it was the last day of school, and so he left me, saying he was still ‘gracious’ enough to let me continue with the prom, and letting me off scot-free, the way it should be.

Thank you for not terrorizing me with the vice prinicipal, he did give a deep stare as I passed by him on the way to the principal’s office, but at least I did not hear him talk.

Apparently many people were horrified by what I had wrote, so much so that parents from the alumni, students from the cohort and people from my class all forwarded the post to the principal, demanding that he did something about it. But he didn’t, and he couldn’t, sucks for them.

I went to the auditorium, and there was a lot of waiting for things to start, so I went to a ‘secret spot’ in the school beside the school hall that my friend had been talking about, which was relatively cool. After that we proceeded to participate in a ‘march’ where all the students walked on a red carpet together, where all these people from the alumni whom we had no idea about, cheered for us. We sat down on these big restaurant tables, which seemed really out of place in the school hall, and saw a dance performance which was quite decent, and a DJ who had a horrible sense of humor, grouping us into groups ‘A’ and ‘B’, and making us participate in the riveting and exciting game of guess the number, it seemed more like a camp than a prom. Needless to say, me, my friends, and from the looks of it everyone else, was bored.

After about 30 minutes, the mundanity was unbearable, so I left early.

My friends are still in the prom, whom had spent hundreds of dollars on suits (I wore the school uniform), and had the mindset that they did not want to waste their money. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they’ve wasted their money already, it’s better not to waste time too. But I think I’m gonna watch interstellar with them later, at 9pm, after their prom is over.

Maybe something interesting would happen in the prom later, but I think I felt it wasn’t worth enduring another few hours of table games. So I left, and am now, being your humble narrator and spending my time writing this blog post.

I took a picture a minute before I left, not of me, or of anyone, but of an idea, a rather simple idea, but one where people who not only possess the logic, but the daring, can express

Goodbye school. Goodbye Zhonghua. Welcome life.

My Last Day Of School