The 4 Waves Of Freedom Of Speech

The 4 Waves Of Freedom Of Speech

1st wave (nonexistent)

People are ‘entitled to freedom of speech’ so long as it doesn’t break the peace, encourages other people to commit crimes, defames etc.

People: Lee hsien loong, Singapore government, most singaporeans, communists, fascists

2nd wave (seditious)

It’s alright to offend (politicians, celebrities etc.) unless it concerns race or religion

People: Most people in Europe, most pro-opposition supporters in Singapore. Most ex ‘supporters’ of Amos Yee

3rd wave (the 1st amendment)

It’s alright to say anything as long as it doesn’t incite violence

People: Most people from the West. Most people who are sane. Most supporters of Amos Yee.

4th wave(absolutist)

You should be able to say whatever you want, even if it incites violence, and not be punished by law. Therefore if Hitler existed today, he should not be sentenced.

People: Amos Yee

Which wave of freedom of speech are you? :S

The 4 Waves Of Freedom Of Speech

AMOS YEE HAS 8 CHARGES! Mostly from wounding islam. However…..


Wounding Religion:

Sharing Dusty Smith’s Video (Somebody has to notify him):


Banned anti-islam Facebook post:


Greatest anti-christian video of all time:


Finger on Quran:


Ending line FUCK ALLAH!


Greatest islam Video Of All Time


Not reporting to police station:

On 14 December 2015 to ISP Doreen Chong

On 10 May compelled by Magistrate Choo


However, they forgot…..


Wounding Religion

Fuck Islam and Allah doesn’t exist (Calvin Cheng):


Refuting Christians With Own Christian Bible:


Response to ISIS Death Threat:


Sudden Religious Stab! :


In Preparation For Anal Sex:


In the Middle Fuck Islam:


Burn Allah Burn!:







Disobeying court orders

Unprivatising lee kuan yew video:


Unprivatizing banned margaret thatcher buttfucking lee kuan yew image:


Lying to police

I’m using my friend’s laptop:




And many other instances, I can’t keep count anymore




charge 1charge 2charge 3charge 4charge 5charge 6charge 7charge 8

AMOS YEE HAS 8 CHARGES! Mostly from wounding islam. However…..

Police broke into house and took $16000 worth of items Amos Yee says

Amos went down from his house in Jurong at around 3pm to find 3 police officers camping at the void deck downstairs. Once spotted, they immediately went up and handcuffed him.

The police brought Amos back to his house as many members of the public looked anxiously at poor handcuffed Amos, to his humiliation.

Without using the key that was taken from Amos, the police forcefully broke into the house. A concerned neighbour went up to the house and asked what was going on. The officer subsequently slammed the door on his face

Seeing that the house was filled with lots of boxes and stuff, the police officers called for assistance. 9 police officers searched through the entire 5 room flat for 3 hours.

Confiscated items include:

5 phones

7 laptops (1 of which is was Amos’ mother’s working laptop that had her prepared tuition notes inside and it significantly disrupted her work)

1 desktop computer

6 cameras

3 tripods

The police took approximately $16000 worth of items

When the police decided to send Amos back to the police station, they found an extra need to put plastic shackles on Amos’ arms, legs and around his body. They were very tight and Amos expressed discomfort but the officers refused to loosen them until quote ‘we are back at the station’. Once the shackles were loosened, there were noticeable bruises on both arms and legs.

In the police station, Amos was then subjected to a tedious and unbearable 57 question long interrogation in a cold room. ISP Doreen Chong asked questions like:

‘what was your intention to post the picture of you showing the middle finger on the quran’

‘did you know that your words would offend people?’

‘what do you mean by halal-snorters?’

Amos found out that they had tracked every possibly offensive religious comment since mid december when he was issued the letter to compel to go for investigations

Amos expressed reluctance in answering the questions in between the interrogation. Another male officer then threatened Amos saying, ‘if you don’t answer these questions, we can infer that to a different meaning and it will be to your disadvantage in court’.The session continued

Amos was then thrown into a cell.


hole on ground (toilet)

hole on wall with button beside (water comes out)

*no mats or sheets were given. Nothing was provided


Amos was so traumatised, he was unable to eat the entire day, during the 12 hours he was in the police station.

Amos is now out on 5k bail posted by his mother

Police broke into house and took $16000 worth of items Amos Yee says

The Banned anti-singapore fireworks facebook post

Here is the post:

‘There was an 8-minute firework showcase at marina bay last night, and the display is large and extremely expensive, but it is blisteringly dull. Malaysia spent much less on fireworks than singapore, yet their display was so much more creative and fun to watch. This is once again stunningly indicative of how horrid our arts scene is (the organisers were most definitely government dogs), you talentlessly launch one explosive after another with absolutely no sensitivity to to presentation of style, and just make it bigger and longer so you can fool the stupid general population into thinking it was awesome; it’s the transformers of fireworks.

But no matter, fireworks as a form of entertainment is just generally horrible, you frighten birds and homeless animals (Fuck them! Why should we care about creatures who are lower than us. As lee kuan yew said, fuck equality), and to quote Amos Yee (yours truly) ‘What can be more filled with depth, and remind us about the great legacy that singapore has, than seeing our tax dollars BURN in the air!’ I mean…. enjoying the display of fireworks. And of course you have sph fucks like TheStraitsTimes and ChannelNewsAsia boast about it as if it’s something to be proud of, then again this problem isn’t just exclusive to our country (Fuck everyone of you).

And the assholes, quote unquote ‘cool kids’ who were self-indulgently ‘enjoying’ the display are either oblivious or fucking delusional (just like christians; HAHA! SUDDEN RELIGIOUS STAB)(And seriously, how are you able to stand the boredom of marina bay sands and hearing music that drops the bass 48 times, without fucking killing yourself? You must have honed that skill in school), here you are causing noise pollution, preventing thousands or animals and people from sleeping, and then when truly empathetic people like me knows about the troubles you’re causing to them for your ‘enjoyment’ and points out the issue, you ignore it, and then claim that person is not empathetic because they criticised and hurt you wee-little feelings.

And this essentially sums up the general personality of singaporeans (well… at least 70% of them), living misinformed lives, enjoying themselves based on other people’s expense, and then completely denying responsibility and blaming others for the flaws that they have. Why do we not have a distinctly cultural identity of our own? Because our culture, the celebrations, the leaders, fucking suck; which the government of course doesn’t want to reveal.

singaporeans fucking suck, but what do you expect when their role model is the group of communist dictators that is the singapore government. Thanks pap; fuck you (pap-bashing continues :D)’

Previously for the anti-islam Facebook post (

I was banned for 24 hours, this time I was banned for 3 days.

Now of course the crux of the post – the vehement political bashing, was definitely not the reason the post was removed (because if you’ve seen my output, if that were the case my account would have been banned months ago); it has to be about religion, so I was definitely banned for 3 days because of the one sentence, ‘And the assholes, quote unquote ‘cool kids’ who were self-indulgently ‘enjoying’ the display are either oblivious or fucking delusional (just like christians; HAHA! SUDDEN RELIGIOUS STAB)’ (I’m really a fan of sudden quick analogical digressions to stab religion).

So now I think I finally get these ‘community guidelines’. If it’s a simple ad hominem attack like, ‘STUPID MUSLIM CUNT XD’, that’s alright. But if it’s a comment that stings religious nuts by revealing a truth about them; that’s transgression; even if it’s just one sentence. I think it’s exactly the same criteria of how singapore charges someone for ‘intending to wound religious feelings, when they wanted to arrest me for the remark in the calvin cheng blog post (, ‘Fuck Islam and Allah doesn’t exist’.

Not only was I unable to post any public posts on my timeline for 3 days, I also couldn’t post public comments on posts too (which is still ridiculous but can be better argued, I shouldn’t be able to post anything public because I am a hate speech dangerous fuck), but what really ticked my nipples, was when I realised that they also prevented me from PRIVATELY messaging people. I could see the fucking messages sent to me but could not reply to them (Someone sent me a PM and I had to fucking reply to them with SMS. For communicating with the few people that do not have whatsapp and since I do not have an unlimited SMS function on my fucking phone, it is really fucking annoying). Especially for someone who uses Facebook messenger as the primary way to message someone and especially for someone who has several contacts on Facebook and no where else, this is horrible for me, With the previous bans I had I think the same thing happened, just that I don’t think I private messaged or commented on posts on Facebook in that time to have noticed. This has absolutely nothing to do with my offence, has absolutely no reason to act as a punishment; it is fucking wretched.

I am in an extremely precipitous position, now I’ve violated Facebook community guidelines about 4 times and since this time I’ve been banned for a lengthy 3 days, this would probably be my last chance before my account becomes permanently taken down, just like what happened to Alvin Tan. And there’s a very high chance that with my frequent use of facebook, even though I think I’m pretty familiar with how not to violate the community guidelines (apparently hate speech posts are wrong but linking to hate speech posts are alright), sooner or later by accident (I do not have a proofreader), I’ll violate the community guidelines again, and my account will be deleted.

Alot of my written posts I did not initially save on microsoft word or google docs but fortunately Facebook has a very easy way to have an archive backup (; perhaps because facebook was self-aware several accounts would be banned under their disgisting dogma.

Afterwards what happens? I’ll set up a new account (Not being on Facebook will lose a way too significant portion of people to see my incredible content, so I fucking hate it, but I gotta work with them). So be prepared to like that new one munchkins once the account is removed, and with more chances to violate community guidelines, hopefully the 2nd one doesn’t get deleted. And like with every newly made account, probably less than a-tenth of my initial followers will like my new page once it first starts up, meaning thousands of people will less likely stumble upon my amazing content; it’s extremely depressing and I’ll be sad for about 2 hours but that’s what happens when the biggest social networking site is run by a group of corporate cunts who wants to suck up to powerful conservative assholes so they can gain more sponsors and develop more relationships with companies to earn more money. When the primary function of social networking sites is the proliferation of ideas, this type of censorship fucking deplorable. Hopefully the news of the deletion of my account will attract enough shares and news coverage, making gaining back my followers,  attracting new ones and raising awareness to this wretched censorship of facebook greater; for popular public figures you can always bank on the streisand effect.

I will continue creating awesome content; just that people like Mark Zuckerberg will prevent these posts from being more popular than they can be, leading to humanity to remain stupid for a longer time. I think in my long list of victims (PAP, feminists, religious people, homophobes, non-vegans, conservatives, copyright advocates etcetera etcetera etcetera) Facebook is now one of them, and everyone knows that when you have incurred the wrath of Amos Yee; you will be fucked. Mark Zuckerberg, your American ass is grass.



*Update: Alvin Tan told me on Twitter that I actually have more chances left before Facebook permanently deletes my account; there will be a subsequent 7-day ban, then a final 30-day ban; so hopefully I play my cards right and don’t violate the guidelines another 2 times XD Hate speech still continues on wordpress and other sites though 😀


The Banned anti-singapore fireworks facebook post

I do not want the chestnuts Amos Yee minimovie to be made

I do not want people to donate to the indiegogo campaign fund launched by Chestnuts, for the making of the AmosYee mini-movie; I do not want that minimovie to be made; it probably would be made in some form, whether or not they raise that 25 thousand dollars, I hope it doesn’t though.

Now initially, I wanted to distance myself from this news, and not even talk about it, because of course, criticizing something brings awareness to it(And I should know, haha), and even though Mothership and YahooNews already reported it, the indiegogo fund still has really low donations, and I wanted to keep it that way, so I thought mentioning it would help them generate more donations.

However, I then realised, that a huge portion of the people who’d probably donate, are fans of me, and if I complain about it, I’d prevent many of them from wasting their money. And I’m also thinking, no way would my haters donate to this campaign to spite me, because the extent of their mindless hatred will only amount to the occasional bad arguments and ‘fuck you Amos Yee’.

Ultimately, though I raise awareness to this campaign, I might be able to significantly reduce the donations in these 34 days, or it might have the opposite effect who knows. Anyways, I’m taking the risk, and hopefully it has the effect I want.

So from their little pitch ‘Help us make this movie about a boy that went too far and a system that went even further.’ It’s obvious that they’re not fans of my work, and they shouldn’t be, they probably don’t understand 60% of it.

The story of my video and my imprisonment is one of, if not the most compelling and fascinating story to come out from Singapore, and they do not have the skill to do the story justice. I guarantee, they’re just going to make me into this annoying american stereotype, incessantly making jokes about my American accent, thinking that they’re doing something funny, dumbing down an absolutely fascinating character and story filled with intrigue and nuance, into an atrocious piece of trash you call entertainment. Do you guys have any integrity towards the source material? You might as well let Uwe Boll make a movie about Gandhi.

They will not anything special about my story; they are just going to repeat the same opinion held by thousands of simple-minded Singaporeans who laughably think that they’re saying something original, when they aren’t; the claim that ‘he was very rude in his delivery, but the Government should not have sent him to jail for it’.

No where, will they explore, the genuinely unique opinions about me, like: ‘not only did he criticize the Government, he also broke many boundaries in terms of presenting political rhetoric, when he used vulgar language, it’s quite amazing.’ Or: ‘he’s not a one-trick pony, other than criticizing Lee Kuan Yew, looking at both his older works and his new ones, he has many great and original things to say, and will continue doing so.’ (And yes to the chagrin of my haters and the Government, I know you’re pretty pissed off that I’m not a one-trick pony. A one-trick pony makes one viral video, but not only do I have ‘Lee Kuan Yew is finally dead’, but ‘National Day sucks’, ‘PAP king manipulators’. How many viral videos have I made? Like 5?) Or the view that I am an absolute creative genius and as Nathan Heller pointed out, could very well be the contemporary Voltaire. And you’re probably going to try to criticize me by saying that I’m just calling these opinions original because they portray me in a good light. But really, it isn’t arrogant or surprising to say, every original opinion about me should be flattering, because the fact of the matter is I am brilliant.

And Chestnuts is going fool stupid Singaporeans (ie majority of the population) to think that they’re saying something original, just because they made it into a musical by parodying pop songs that are as wretched as them. Just because you sing stupidity doesn’t mean it isn’t stupid.

And that actor that’s going to play me, god damn, you’re not going to see a performance more cringeworthy this year than seeing that asshole portray me. The only preparation he probably did to rehearse for that part was hitting himself on the head. Only people who are brainless twits (ie the majority of the population) and idiots from mothership would say that this talentless nitwit ‘does a pretty convincing job (Jeanette from mothership is a very sad, dissatisfied, insecure cunt, and from the many 3rd-rate articles she has written about me, especially the one about my biography, I can tell that she’s really jealous of me. If you want to air your opinions written during your menstrual cycle, I think you should consider a career other than journalism).

One of the greatest modern thinkers and political dissidents in Singapore, and one of the most fascinating and unique person in the world (I know), is going to be reduced to an attention-seeking, loud-mouthed spoilt brat (and don’t respond to this line thinking you’re smart and made a tremendous burn when you really didn’t, with a comment like ‘isn’t that exactly who you are?’; I’m way ahead of you bitch).

The fucking gall for these group of idiots to think they have the skills to tackle my story; the fucking gall for YahooNews to imply that I would collaborate with these talentless hacks on this cesspool of a production; I might as well call  Jack Neo to ask him for a cameo in Ah Boys To Men 4, I’m sure he would like to continue his director’s trademark of exploiting famous Youtube Celebrities for higher gross revenue; thank god the director of this ‘Amos Yee’ minimovie, didn’t involve me in their shit production, I’d TP their set.

Now the biggest reason, why people would donate to help fund this piece of shit, is that if this mini-movie gets made, it will piss the MDA and Government off. Wow, chestnuts managed to circumvent the system, and be free to make something the Government doesn’t like by doing it on the internet, and I think they mentioned that realisation came after being partly inspired by me; hahaha, you know out of all the brilliant things I’ve done, my choice of platform to criticize the Government, is one of my lesser accomplishments; you can make videos online criticizing the Government, and that allows you to be completely free from the censorship of the MDA? WOW! WHY HAVEN’T I THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE? You have to be fucking retarded to not have realised that; members from opposition parties, are fucking retarded. Instead of starting a Youtube channel, making weekly Youtube videos, exposing the flaws of the Government all year round, they continue letting PAP be the only ones proliferating their bullshit propaganda daily, and then only wait till election period to give uninspired, boring campaign speeches for 1 week, expecting people to come to their side. No wonder they lost the elections, stupid fucks.

The fact of the matter is (and I should very well know, haha), that this project would not have gained as much attention if it didn’t piss the Government off. It’s similar to Sonny Liew’s ‘The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye’, which I’m probably the only few people who owns a copy of it and actually read it (thanks Sonny for sending me a free copy, if anytime is possible, I’d like to buy Doctor Fate :D); the only difference is that ‘The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye’ was actually pretty fucking good; this play by chestnuts however, won’t be; it will fucking suck.

And please don’t pseudo-intellectually retort, ‘You haven’t even watched the full movie, how would you know that it would suck?’ You can, because if let’s say you see a movie trailer by Jack Neo coupled with racial stereotype jokes, or a trailer with lots of explosions that says ‘directed by Micheal Bay; I think without watching the full movie, it would be safe to assume that it will fucking suck.

In wanting to anger PAP don’t let these groups of assholes do it. It’s very embarrassing to our side. I know you really want to piss the Government off, but please do maintain some self-respect, jesus.

If you thought I would like this campaign, or actually donated because you thought I would want this movie to be made, you should throw yourself off a building you’re so dumb. My fanbase is(should be), more intelligent than that, so if you actually donated to this campaign to try to show support for me, I renounce you as a fan; go over to wahbanana.

Fucking dumbasses who spent money on this shit, instead you should take that money, and send it to my paypal (, support content-creators with actual talent instead of these talentless hacks.

I’m fucking disgusted of people who are able to accept absolute trash, simply because it is critical of our shit Government. It’s like the play Public enemy, it’s a pretentious, long-winded, pompous piece of shit, that had a good audience reaction and good reviews, because the reviewers were as talentless as the creators, and the play was anti-Government.

I think in wanting to piss the Government off, there should be an amount of quality assurance in doing so, otherwise what’s the point? If the work that criticises the Government is bland and unoriginal, it’s not going to be effective anyways; which is why Chee Soon Juan spent more than 20 years making speeches, and yet a 17-year-old boy makes 1 Lee Kuan Yew video, and creates more of an impact than Chee Soon Juan ever did.

People like Jack Neo, chestnuts and the entirety of mediacorp, provide dumb entertainment, for the dumb population, and think that they’re actually contributing to society under the guise of raising awareness and encouraging others to think critically about social issues; when ironically they’re doing the exact opposite; how would you encourage people to be critical when you recycle already existing, redundant opinions, and then lower the population’s IQ with your horrible actors and storylines? These quote unquote ‘artists’, will become completely irrelevant in a decade, just like the Justin Biebers and Taylor swifts of our time, and when they do, I wouldn’t even bother laughing because by then, I will not give a solitary fuck, and neither will you.

Fuck chestnuts, and fuck this ‘Amos Yee’ minimovie, I want all of you to boycott the campaign, mock everyone who donated, and if the mini-movie does come out, dislike the video, make fun of all the people involved in the production, and feel no qualms in criticizing the shit out of it, because it will very well deserve it.

More freedom of speech will inevitably allow more pieces of shit like this to be made, but what I want Freedom of speech for speech for, is to provide a wider platform for people to produce quality work. So when you advocate freedom of speech, aim for a platform not to air opinions freely, but to air, good opinions freely; not fucking crap, like this Chestnuts mini-movie. Have fun!

I do not want the chestnuts Amos Yee minimovie to be made

Chee Soon Juan’s Blunder In The Singapore Elections Debate

Last night in the general elections debate, Lawrence from PAP attacked SDP’s Chee Soon Juan, by bringing up the matter that more than 10 years ago, Chee Soon Juan had been charged for presenting wrong statistics in a report, and never acknowledged that mistake in public.

It was very much issued as an ad hominem attack when Lawrence was lacking an argument, and yes it was used as an underhand tactic in public television when the debaters from PAP were completely void of cogent points to the discussed topics at all, but that doesn’t mean that what Lawrence said was untrue.

From the information I’ve gathered, all opposition parties do not know the specifics of the government spending, but Chee Soon Juan presented a healthcare report that made him seem like he was completely aware of the specifics, and thus he presented some wrong statistics in that report and was able to be charged and sentenced for it.
Yes it is unfair that withholds information about Government spending from everyone other than themselves, and yes there shouldn’t be a law is able to charge you for producing wrong information.

But nonetheless, it is true that Chee Soon Juan got charged for producing a false report, and never acknowledged that mistake in public, so Lawrence was able to mention that and walk all over him, and when Chee Soon Juan had a chance to make a response, he tried to cover it up!

All Chee Soon Juan had to say when Lawrence mentioned that incident in response was, “Oh yes I screwed up that time. Sorry about that haha. Hopefully I don’t make sure a mistake again in the future”. That was it, and PAP will never be able to effectively use that against him, ever again.

You opposition members gotta be honest with your mistakes, there’s no shame in admitting them, then you wouldn’t be accused by the PAP for trying to cover up information, and that’s how you guys can gain can more effectively advocate that ‘transparency’, you blame the Government lacks oh so much.

Chee Soon Juan’s Blunder In The Singapore Elections Debate

Great Mummy

My mother is such a lovable person, appearing in court with my banana shirt, and of course she was the writer of that heart-wrenching poem lamenting the state of her son in IMH (That’s me!)

Now what’s especially fascinating to me was that she didn’t even post that little ‘poem’ on a page, she posted it on her personal account, so limited to the sharing of her 10+ friends, that post eventually managed to garner more than 500 shares and news articles on local media sites (You see reporters once again, attention not from interviews, but from actually saying something interesting. You see it’s hereditary, that’s the woman I got my attention-gaining genes from)

But what did I think of dear mother’s post in general? Well.. I think I liked it, kind of corny and repetitive for my taste, but touched me nonetheless. (This is the only time I’m going to like something that sucks, because there’s that element of biasness as it was directed to me, don’t get your hopes up and start filling the comments section with Kpop recommendation videos, keep those yoga pants to yourself.)

Now remember when I tweeted that my mother was a bitch. Well, what I really meant, was that she was a bitch at that time, like every other person in the world prone to be momentary bitches. So she isn’t mainly a bitch, she’s just like a bitch, 42% of the time, which concerning humans is a pretty respectable degree.

Of course,  it’s common for human nature to portray the bad feelings as overwhelming the good, you only need a slap in your face from your girlfriend, to decide you want to break up with her, unless of course she subsequently makes out with you, ahhh.. then you’re forgiven.

I didn’t even remember what my mother said to me at the time that I had to publicly tweet about, I think it was some kind of argument on the frustrating mindset of neutrality that her and Singaporeans constantly held, though seeing what she just wrote online, she probably rectified that.

It’s quite revealing, as I see my mother making the effort to curb my boredom and turmoil in prison, by taking the terribly long MRT trip (22 stops to Bedok and a Bus stop ride, 3 hour journey, there and back), to visit me for just a half-an-hour, and considering her working hours I think it really started to take a toll on her. She didn’t have to do any of that, at sometimes there wasn’t really anything important to say during those meetings, but she did. And from there, I started to realize something.

So now, I take back what I said before, you can do something not completely borne from selfish desires, but actually from a genuine care for another person. And although I’m not such a person because what I’ve been doing most of my life is completely to satisfy my own selfish desires, I’m glad that I have a parent that’s the opposite of that.

I would also like to say, that as of now, she’s the only person I’ve had a long, sustaining interpersonal relationship with, for better or worst. And she’s really the one that’s mainly responsible for maintaining this relationship, I don’t even know how to do that with a person. And I think from that, she probably influenced me more than I’m willing to acknowledge.

So dear mother, for all your love, kindness and care, I thank you, I don’t think I want to admit it, but I really appreciate it.

Great Mummy